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that's not the issue. the

that's not the issue. the issue is we have a dysfunctional society full of dysfunctional people (present company included :P )

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in comparison to most of the

in comparison to most of the world, every american is an entitled, rich, pampered asshole. I have a sharp divide - my mom's side are literally cambodian refugees but I never had to earn my way in life. this conditioned me to never desire or have the ability to earn my way through life. The best I can do now is use my overpriced education to extort the system

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With all due respect,

With all due respect, "earning your way" is something that your PARENTS are supposed to teach you. If you have been " pampered" all your life, and don't feel you have to earn anything, or work hard, who's fault is that?? ( unless you obtained the " funds" from the gov't. which is what the big uproar is now) I know many many people who are hard workers, weren't handed anything, including myself, and never had the feeling of " entitlement." That was ingrained in us from ethic, independence, NOT dependence. This is the problem with the younger generation, and also with the immigrants comming over here. They all have their sense of entitlement ( where's my this, where's my that) and getting the most pay, and top positions without having to do much work. When our ancestors came to this country, they had a respect for the country, felt privledged for the opportunity, and would NEVER take a dime from the gov't. They worked hard, opened businesses, and became contributing members of society...they realized also, that in order to be successful, they needed to LEARN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, to interact correctly. They didn't expect, or hire attorney's to sue for not accomodating THEIR language in THIS country, which is what is going on now. Yes, this is a country of immigrants, but there is a VERY different mindset these that the American working class is fed up with. We are NO LONGER the "great" United States, I'm sorry to say.

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I don't see it as so

I don't see it as so pervasive. I was raised in a buddhist home. we have a history of giving up worldly possesions and living as hermits, so that is still a viable option for me

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Dante's lawyers are on the

Dante's lawyers are on the phone...

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"Praying for a Cure"

"Praying for a Cure"
"In West Africa, hundreds of people with mental illness live in awful conditions."

"awful conditions" - Translation: chained to trees behind a ministry.

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"A BBC Scotland investigation

"A BBC Scotland investigation has revealed a retired Catholic priest who is accused of child sex abuse gave one of his alleged victims a cheque for £10,000"

"The former Ayrshire priest says it was "a loan" and a "private matter""

"Fr Moore admitted to child sex offences to the then Bishop of Galloway, Maurice Taylor, in the late 90s and was removed from the ministry.
He has never been prosecuted and lives in a home bought for him by the church."

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"Megachurch pastor who raped

"Megachurch pastor who raped young ‘concubines’ also accused of paying for mistress’ abortion"

"One of the women accusing Aguilar of molesting her told WRIC that the pastor sent an email to her 17-year-old daughter. The email solicited her daughter in the same way Aguilar had solicited her when she was a teenager.
“Every great man of God had concubines,” the email read."

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“Every great man of God had

“Every great man of God had concubines,” the email read."
Such a true statement lol

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I didn't even see the

I didn't even see the freudian slip.

Though, for it to be correct, it would seem we have to invent a new word and add: "...or concuboys"

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Yea that happens when there are no concubines though.

Apart from the jokes, deprivation of some human needs can lead to madness and those effects.

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Yes, there seems to be every

Yes, there seems to be every indication that that is the case.

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"Syrian gang rape victim who

"Syrian gang rape victim who fled to Germany", "stabbed to death 'in honour killing"
"Detectives believe she was stabbed to death by her father and two brothers"
"allegedly on the orders of her own mother."

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"Ohio rabbi sentenced to 22

"Ohio rabbi sentenced to 22 years in prison for child sex abuse"

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"Oregon couple who chose

"Oregon couple who chose prayer over doctors will go to prison for child’s death"

"Dale and Shannon Hickman don’t believe in doctors. Because of this religious conviction, set forth by the cult the couple belongs to, Oregon City’s Followers of Christ Church"

"This cult and their brainwashing has been responsible for 78 child deaths and 10 women, all of whom died in childbirth."

"Faith-healing couple who prayed and rubbed oil on dying newborn instead of calling 911 sentenced to more than six years in prison"

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You say religion is used as a

You say religion is used as a method to control people? Naah, that can't be so!

"Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents"

"Atheists, peaceful protesters and those who go to fight abroad have all been brought under the auspices of new "anti-terror" laws"

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Churches keep showing their

Churches keep showing their true colors: A woman as a pastor?! Hell no!

"Tennessee Church Kicked Out of Baptist Association for Electing Female Pastor"

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"Toledo Mayoral Candidate

"Toledo Mayoral Candidate Speaks In Tongues, Promises Great Destruction If Not Elected"

"A mayoral candidate in Toledo, Ohio warns that if she is not elected mayor God will “visit the city in the greatest destruction” they’ve ever seen."

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Hope she kicks the bucket

Hope she kicks the bucket soon.

She should be locked up, and while at it try a face lift or something.

The only reason she has not been elected is mainly because she scares people.
Saying “visit the city in the greatest destruction” unless she is not elected, is just the cherry on the cake.

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"Gay Sex Is Now Punished With

"Gay Sex Is Now Punished With 100 Lashes in Indonesia’s Province of Aceh"

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"Papua New Guinea students

"Papua New Guinea students share video appearing to show women tortured for 'witchcraft'"

"A shocking video has emerged which purports to show the torture of four women suspected of witchcraft in a Papau New Guinea village."

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"noted writer, film-maker and

"noted writer, film-maker and script writer Chetana Thirthahalli was threatened with rape, acid attack and other 'dire consequences'"

"This after she wrote articles questioning Hindu customs in various magazines, including Muslim publications. She was also part of a recent rally in Bengaluru which supported beef consumption and saw attendence from numerous litterateurs and feminists."

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London, Ontario, Canada:

London, Ontario, Canada: "mother ‘saw God’ the night she stabbed her six-year-old daughter multiple times"

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Pastor Greatness Tapfuma,

Pastor Greatness Tapfuma, founder of Kingdom Rulers International Church

"Pastor's 3rd rape charge"

"Pastor jailed for exorcism rape"

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"Ontario newborn bleeds to

"Ontario newborn bleeds to death after family doctor persuades parents to get him circumcised"

I hope this fires up the debate about this stupid and unnecessary ritual. Those poor pitiful deluded parents, heartbreaking...

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Eh, it's a boy, no one gives

Eh, it's a boy, no one gives a crap about boys. Now, had it been a girl, it would be on CNN and the NYTIMES. It is like the suicide rate and workplace deaths, it happens more to men, so it isn't a problem.

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Travis, I read a story a few

Travis, I totally agree with you. Men get the short stick when it comes to so many things, like divorce cases -- in about 80% of divorce disputes women get the kids and men pay alimony or "child support" even if they don't get to see the kids -- men commit suicide more frequently and suffer more frequently from severe, more long term depression, men get conscripted to war and men die more frequently in workplace accidents and road traffic accidents. Although Eastern societies are heavily biased against women, Western ones are heavily biased in favour of them.

I read a story a few weeks ago about a 28 year old female teacher who "slept with" a 15 year old boy in her class. She got off with a 6 month suspended sentence and lost her teaching license. A few days later a story came out in the same newspaper about a male teacher around the same age who "groomed" and "abused the trust of" a 15 year old girl and was sent to prison for statutory rape.

Apparently when adult men have sex with people who are underage it's "malicious" and "abusive", but when women do it it's "a mistake" or "a lapse of judgement". It happens in same-age relationships too. Girl get's drunk, guy gets drunk, girl and guy have sex, and guy get's hit with all the responsibility. Apparently it's customary in women's studies classes for feminist teachers to teach girls that drinking alcohol, having consensual sex, then regretting it the next morning is grounds to claim rape. Add to this the cultural stereotpye of men as potential rapists, violent abusers, bad fathers, poor husbands, plus the societal responsibility on men to be "strong", to show little "negative emotion", and to prop up society and economy when women are rearing children and you have a drastically unfair paradigm that seems to give whatever benefit of doubt exists solely to the female party.

Women in the West harp on about wage gaps, but they're a myth. In the UK and most of Europe it's illegal for an employer to pay a women an unequal wage to a man, if they're both under the same job title and doing the same job. Not only that, but about 70% of women in the West at some point have kids, so it makes sense that overall, men would contribute to more of the GDP of a country than women: men fundamentally spend more of their lives working.

Western society in a lot of ways, particularly when it come to judicial practices, social education and economic policy fundamentally pose massive risks to men in regards to physical, mental and financial health. Pregnant women of any age over 16 in the UK can get onto something called "the housing register" and be given an affordable home within no time at all. It is supposed to be a social programme to help everyone, but single adult men, in practice, cannot benefit from it at all. They cannot receive the financial windfall that a person receives for being on that register, or the opportunity to rent an affordable home, because it works on a points system which puts pregnant women at the top, but does not provide a single adult male with enough points, even if he is homeless.

A taxi driver a few days ago told me that he has heard more than a few women talking about how they got pregnant so they wouldn't have to work. Obviously this isn't representative of all women (I know many who are hard working, and lots who don't eevn want kids), and of course I do fundamentally agree with a social programme to house and support single pregnant women -- I would never want to take that away from them. My problem isn't with the institution of state benefits and child support laws and divorce proceedings themselves, it is with the unfairness with which they are enforced or carried out.

Why should a man who earns less than his wife be forced to pay child support for kids his ex wife doesn't allow him to see? Why should a man be forced to have his reputation and confidence destroyed because he happened to have consensual, mutually drunk sex that the woman, under the pangs of a hangover, regrets? Why should an adult male who sleeps with an underage girl be treated more harshly under the law than an adult woman who does likewise?

I am actually a staunch equal rights advocate, but I'm not a feminist for reasons above. Even the word "feminism" contains some sort of implication that the feminine is fundamentally a more fair and worthy heading for equal rights advocacy than the masculine. It implies that women are somehow the shining example of the unbiased approach, the arbiters or true social justice. That's nonsense, really. Modern feminism in Western countries is by-and-large about demonizing men and making women into victims who aren't culpable or responsible for anything. Human rights advocacy and equal rights advocacy deserve a better name, imo.

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Feminism is like religion, it

Totally agree SeanBreen;

Feminism is like religion, it is dogmatic in the BELIEF that woman are considered inferior by men in general.

Until they abide by that belief system, they cannot be rational and fair, thus a humanist on the other hand can always be more rational in general.

Feminism is an obsolete, outdated concept that today should be replaced with Humanism.

If there are any decent and reasonable feminist around it is because they are also humanists even if they do not know it.

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In my book, women have it

In my book, women have it made. The way I see it, the man breaks his ass working for a lifetime..then, he dies first ( there are 10 widowed women to every widower man) The woman then will recieve everything that that guy killed himself for, and whatever was accumulated while they were married... she wil get any pension of his, her health care will be covered for the rest of her life because of HIS job, his social; security, his life insurance, their house, and whatever other properties they may have accumulated,( vacation homes, rental properties, etc.) whatever monies he had saved,( IRA's, CD's, bank accounts, etc) All this turns out to be quite a pretty penny...she will be wealthy. Of course, you wouyld want your children to get any, and everything thatyou have that they are entitled to, but eventually they will leave the house, have their own lives, and will fend fir themselves. The wife, on the other hand, yes, will have a period of grieving,( you'd like to think, anyway) but then will just move on, find a boyfriend, or "companion" and will enjoy all the fruits of what YOU worked for, and whatever you and your spouse enjoyed together. What a kick in the ass!! Women also, I am now convinced, will do certain things to hook you, when they feel it is "time" for them to marry...could be for any one of dozens of reasons, ( biological clock, don't want to be alone, peer/ family pressure, just feeling like it is "time", etc) then they will suddenly stop doing those tyhings that you used to enjoy, and turn into a person you didn't see when you were "dating," especially if you didn't live with them before marriage. Kind of crazy, the way we are taught to do things... marrying someone, in too many cases, you know absolutely NOTHING about living with, yet you are already n it FOR LIFE!!! I would think you would want as few surprises as possible. But the oldtimers tell you, "go ahed, learn abut each other, grow will be fun and exciting Almost like it's some kind of game. There are no guaratees of anything, but to me, the SMARTER way to do things is to find out as MUCH about this person as possible, their habits, their moods, how they are with their families, how they handle certain situations, did they bullshit you into thinking that you had certain things in common, when you really didn't, etc...BEFORE you get in it for life!!! In the end, the women outlive us, get it all, and go on to live a beautiful life for 10, 20, even 30 years, sometimes more, after you are gone...and the'll do it with another " companion." Then what makes me laugh, is a woman will say," oh.e would have WANTED me to be happy, and meet someone." Oh really!!! How can you speak for a dead person...I might think he would have DIFFERENT OPINION ABOUT'll never know!!

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I forgot to add, that women

I forgot to add, that women arer always squaking about being slighted in the workplace...everytime I look up, there is a woman in a high position, heads of big companies, universities, you name it, there arte PLENTY of women out there in high positions...if fact, many of the women I know made more money than my buddies, or myself ever did!!


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