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Oh my...

Oh my...

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Looks like this might just

Looks like this might just have been a false rumour:
Sorry about that.

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However, on the topic of

However, on the topic of Duggaring...

Josh Duggar, (whose name has been linked to the Ashley Madison customer database leak), responds on Duggars’ official site...

"As Gawker points out, the statement itself went through some interesting changes in a short couple of hours after it was initially posted."

And the saddest part:

"All this is happening because Josh Duggar wanted to take a fucking bubble bath with a skinny lady, get a blowjob, and maybe figure out what a sex toy was. No, really; these utterly normal, routine activities figure prominently in his self-chosen list of desires on Ashley Madison. Stuff most people with decent relationships and a fairly healthy attitude toward sex just consider Wednesday-night pleasantness"

"… And Now We Learn About Josh Duggar’s Secret Facebook Account."

"Dude had a secret OKCupid account that he was using to fish for strange on the side, AND not-one-but-two Ashley Madison accounts that he paid almost $1000 into so he could send messages to married women seeking affairs"

"the email address associated with the Ashley Madison accounts,, was also linked to a Facebook account in the name of Joe Smithson–and that this account began in 2004"

"The account had dozens of friends, almost all of them young and pretty women–and they weren’t nice proper Quiverfull girls looking for marriage!"

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"Catholic Priest Who

"Catholic Priest Who Installed Hidden Camera in Church Bathroom Has Fled the Country"

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"GOP Candidates Who'd Force

"GOP Candidates Who'd Force Women to Birth a Rapist's Baby, Deny Her Child Citizenship"

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Perhaps abortions should be

Hmm, perhaps abortions should be allowed, at least when pregnant with a demon!!

"Pregnant couple freaks out at doctor after seeing ‘demon’ in ultrasound image"
"“Wife and I went to get a ‘4D’ ultrasound of our unborn child,” the man wrote. “Saw this picture. Changed our minds.”"

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"Australian Preacher Claims

"Australian Preacher Claims He's Jesus Christ, Calls Pope Francis the 'Anti-Christ'"

"Australian preacher Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall claims he is the second coming of Jesus Christ, compares his face to image in Shroud of Turin."

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Tell him that he is late, the

Tell him that he is late, the prophecy was for 70 ad and The emperor Flavius Vespasian already came and brought peace to the "civilized" world in 70 Ad. (roman empire)

At least according to the most loved historian by Christians, Flavius Josephus clearly declares him as the Messiah of the prophecy.

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Not only late, but he has a

Not only late, but he has a lot of competition.
Google "claims to be jesus reborn" and you have hours of tragic comedy to go through.

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"Teenager is gang-raped then

"Teenager is gang-raped then has her eyes gouged out by her own sister in brutal exorcism ritual ordered by a PASTOR in Argentina"

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dam, and they say they

dam, and they say they believe in Jesus and not the church.
But when shit hits the door they go run to the preacher for answers.
What a bunch of hypocrites, they never cease to amaze me.

I'm starting to think that if the preacher says go kill someone they do it anyway, they nearly killed their daughter.

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BUT REMEMBER....Christ is

BUT REMEMBER....Christ is LOVE, and this isn't real Christianity, so its perfectly fine for people to hold onto and align themselves with dangerous delusions.

...sarcasm test complete. The real sad part is I bet the Pastor won't be brought up on charges.

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The easiest way to break the

The easiest way to break the law and get away with it, is to become a priest after all.

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"Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber:

"Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber: We can pray potholes away"

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"Fla. cops jail Lou. priest

"Fla. cops jail Lou. priest on child porn"
"They said the investigation found child porn on Pohl’s computer and also found up to 200 digital photos of St. Margaret Mary schoolchildren."

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"Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir

"Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir is set to be executed for a piece defending the rights of his people"
"a young Mauritanian blogger called Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir wrote a blog where he defended the rights of his people in Mauritania"

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"Memphis pastor charged with

"Memphis pastor charged with possessing child porn"
"Demarcus Smith, a pastor at Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church and a member of the Baptist Ministerial Association, coerced a male under the age of 18 to photograph himself engaging in sexually explicit conduct"

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What is it with these people

What is it with these people and little boys!?

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My guess is that the Theistic

My guess is that the Theistic concepts of sexuality twists their minds. Combined with the possibility to get "saved" and redeemed for all sins later. Why it's more often boys than girls, I have no idea. Perhaps is just a question of what they have access to?

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They are pedophiles!! What

They are pedophiles!! What kind of people would you expect to recruit when they are not allowed to date, or be with anyone of the opposite sex, not allowed to marry, or have children...totally an unrealistic expectation of human behavior..except for pedophiles, and homosexuals...these are the guys that parents are trusting their kids to...sick world, isn't it!!

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That is is. That, and I have

That is is. That, and I have a theory. Girls are just harder to get access to because of the whole "men don't get raped" assumption that has no grounds in reality. That, and I think the backlash MIGHT come faster, harder and get a lot more attention if it were girls they were molesting.

Either or, you'd think Catholicism would be DEAD after all this abuse of power allowed to continue and only an appalling TWO PERCENT of all these fucks getting arrested! If ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION had such a long history of kids getting diddled, heads would be rolling and people would demand the institution shut down.

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"The penetration, no matter

"The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim." - Legal definition of rape.

It isn't simply an assumption, they have engineered the definition of rape to exclude any number of acts that we should consider rape. I am not sure WHY they would do it, but it seems they have a vested interest in considering a male being forced to penetrate as something other than rape. This is a problem, and until we make efforts to fix it, boys will be an easier target for sexual violence than girls.

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I agree wholeheartedly. I've

I agree wholeheartedly. I've been saying for years that if this child molestation had taken place in ANY OTHER institution but a church, or any religious facility, people would want the offenders hung by their balls, and thrown into prison, and demand that the institutions be shut down and burned. But, it has to do with religion, and clergy, so folks must have a more tollerant attitude, so, they continue to be allowed to "police" themselves...which means there is no policing!! The Pope has offered empty apologies for "grave sins" against the American people by clergy, instead of going to the F.B.I. with the information...he, and the rest of the higher up cronies are just as guilty as the offenders for protecting these creeps!!! How sick is this!!

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As I've said in a previous

As I've said in a previous post, the most intollerable thing on earth is the abuse of a child...especially one of a sexual nature. ZERO TOLLERANCE!!!

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"French train shooting: Three

"French train shooting: Three injured after gunman opens fire on Amsterdam to Paris train"

"France train gunman identified as Islamist militant"

"France train shooting: US soldiers speak of the moment they stopped gunman and 'beat him until he was unconscious'"

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New ISIS propaganda video of

New ISIS propaganda video of a infant decapitating a teddy bear.

"Shocking new ISIS video shows baby-faced three-year-old boy behead his TEDDY BEAR"

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"Child abuse royal commission

"Child abuse royal commission: Former pope John Paul II handled allegations 'poorly', inquiry hears"

""If I am honest, he handled abuse poorly," Bishop Robinson told the inquiry. "It didn't fit into his image of church, and he couldn't deal with it.""

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since am an agnostic I don't

since am an agnostic I don't care for dogma one way or the other I grew up in the catholic church and always recited the Nicene creed then I outgrew my faith and here I am.yes they taught me from early on all kinds of things and yes children should be spared this. Christopher hitchens stated that it was a form of child abuse as Richard dawkins 2 avowed atheist..

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Saudi preacher who tortured

Saudi preacher who tortured and beat his 5 year old daughter to death is released. He allegedly raped her as well, but not enough evidence was found.

"The father’s lawyer added that the charge of manslaughter was also dropped and that the court considered in its ruling only the charge of “excessive disciplining that resulted in death” against the father."

"The mother of a five-year-old girl who was raped and tortured to death by her father has appealed against a Saudi court verdict that will allow her former husband to walk free after four months in jail."

So "excessive disciplining that resulted in death", gives 4 months in jail?!?!!
All this, but Raif Badawi is still kept in jail.

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Pure frickin' insanity...

Pure frickin' insanity...

"Two Indian Sisters Will Be Raped as Punishment for Their Brother’s Affair"

"the brother ran away with a woman who belonged to a higher caste."

"They sentenced Ravi’s two sisters to be raped and paraded naked through the village with blackened faces."

"The two women, ages 15 and 23, are now on the run to escape the absurdly cruel punishment for “crimes” they had nothing to do with."


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