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"No one is going to change

"No one is going to change any ones mind...theists are just too stubborn and refuse to acknowledge evidence, common sense, and logic, and reason...they desperately want to hold on to their fantasy."

Well, considering the number of folks who used to identify as religious but currently identify as atheist, I'd say you're incorrect.

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I hope for the sake of our

I hope for the sake of our species that we can change. I think the statistics are improving. After all the KKK is almost gone. It seems the theists position on gays among other issues is causing a decline in their numbers. It is my understanding that churches are losing numbers rapidly. Thank god for the internet! (pun intended)

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what evidence?

what evidence?

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whens the last time you saw

whens the last time you saw christians blowing people up and screaming jesus is great? dont think so cause christians are the first ones to help out never atheists groups helping anyone

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Brian, I've noticed you don't

Brian, I've noticed you don't have a profile picture. Might I suggest one of an ostrich? You obviously, based on this latest post, have your head decidedly buried.

Apparently you have not heard of:
The Boston Marathon bombing
The Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre
The murder of Dr. George Tiller
The Tennessee Valley Unitarian church shooting
The Centennial Olympic Park bombing
Many Planned Parenthood clinic bombings
The Anti-balata groups
The Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland
The Karantina and Tel-Zaatar massacres
The Lord's Resistance Army
The Army of God in the U.S.
The Hutaree militia movement
Robert Lewis Dear

This list could go on and on and on...what a shame.

at least the folks I know who identify as atheist who choose to help their planetary cohabitants don't try to pass off praying as an activity in which they engage to help others...they actually do something substantive.

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Hmm. This seems like a highly

Hmm. This seems like a highly likely place for the "no true Scotchman"-card to be played. Let's wait and see...

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Hi Cyber... There are still

Hi Cyber... There are still too many millions of them to say that I am incorrect...many more than have decided to identify as atheist... we are STILL overwhelmed, and it isn't going to change anytime soon...certainly not in our lifetime.

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Ah, but it is changing. In

Ah, but it is changing. In the grand scheme of things, it's happening exponentially quickly...500 years ago, compared to 100, compared to 10 years ago, compared to today...

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Maybe in another 500 years it

Maybe in another 500 years it will even out!!

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"A young man and woman slit

"A young man and woman slit each other's throats near the Taj Mahal in Agra, in a lovers' pact allegedly driven by their families' objection to their interfaith relationship."

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"ISIS film a CHILD carrying

"ISIS film a CHILD carrying out a beheading for the first time: 'Cub of the Caliphate'"

"The regime soldier is seen being forced to lay on his stomach as the young boy approaches him from behind, pulls his head back by the hair, and uses a small knife to slit the man's throat and set about beheading him."

"In a moment of true horror the child then lifts the victim's severed head in a warped celebration of the brutal murder. He then places the head on the victim's back.
Throughout the entire killing, a senior ISIS fighter is seen observing the shocking scene.
At the end of the video the older militant turns to the camera and makes a chilling threat to the West.
'Our goal is not only Palmyra or Homs or Damascus, rather our goal is to conquer Bayt al- Maqdes [Jerusalem] and Rome, God willing'"

"ISIS' child killers are dubbed 'cubs of the caliphate' and have proven to be an increasingly common propaganda tool for a group determined to prove itself as the most depraved in human history."


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One should put a big sign

One should put a big sign that:


and under it put that video.

Just to make people feel their own naivety.

The irony is that ISIS worship the same Jewish god Yahweh.

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Gang-raped Saudi woman gets

Gang-raped Saudi woman gets 200 lashes and 6 months in jail. Allah is most Merciful and Forgiving...

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In today's world I mean

In today's world I mean "current". Who do you think is worse Muslims or Christians?

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Islam is of course the

Islam is of course the currently worst religion. Because they have a large breading ground for Islamists and extremists.

But the problem isn't the people, Muslims or Christians, but their doctrines, Islam and Christianity.
Sure, some people can be singled out, like specific Mullah's or the royal family of Saudi Arabia. But the people in general are not the problem.

However, if people like Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Mike Huckabee get to positions of power, the Christian right in the US will probably undo hundreds of years of reformation, and do what damage they can to make Christianity as bad as it was in its "glory days".

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"Why my own father would have

"Why my own father would have let IS kill me"

"On 4 July, a group of fighters from Isis came to my home. My father answered the door and apparently they said to him: "Your son is an infidel and a homosexual and we have come to carry out God's punishment on him."
My dad is a religious man and luckily for me he was able to tell them to come back the next day, to give him time to find out whether the accusation was correct. He came inside the house and started screaming. Finally, he said: "If these accusations are true, I will hand you over to them myself, happily." And I just stood there, not knowing what to do and what to say, or how to defend myself."

Religion, faith without evidence, is more important than your own child? Sickening.

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"Former pastor arrested again

"Former pastor arrested again for inappropriate contact with 16-year-old boy"

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Jehovah’s Witness church in

Jehovah’s Witness church in Australia is being heard by the "Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse"

"One church Elder, who had sexually abused all four of his daughters, was “disfellowshipped” not for his crimes but for “unrelated loose conduct and lying”, the commission sitting in Sydney was told."

"Mr Stewart said the church’s own files reveal 1006 allegations of child sex abuse made against church members since 1950 but the Jehovah’s Witnesses dealt with them using “Biblical standards” and not the police."

"Since 1950, 401 alleged child sex abusers have been disfellowshipped, 78 of them on more than one occasion.
Another 190 were “reproved”, 11 of them more than once. This is a lesser form of discipline and allows the abuser to stay in the church.
In the same time, 28 alleged abusers were appointed to positions of authority and of 127 alleged abusers deleted as church leaders, 16 were reappointed."

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The elder who abused all four

The elder who abused all four of his daughters sexually:

"he was flogging her at home until she bled and had sex with her and three of her sisters, the commission was told. His second eldest daughter, now aged 47, said that when she tried to kill herself over the abuse, she was chastised by the church because it was seen as being a sin against Jehovah"

"The woman, who cannot be named, said that one of the elders of her church branch in rural Queensland told her she could not report her father to the police because “you will bring reproach upon Jehovah’s name and you will be disfellowshipped”. She said she was taught that the police were “bad people” like people in Soddom and Gomorah."

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John David Brock, 60, died

John David Brock, 60, died after being bitten by a snake during a church service in Mossy Simpson Pentecostal Church in Jenson.

"Brock refused medical treatment and went to his brother's home, where he died."

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Nepalese Men Slaughter 10

Nepalese Men Slaughter 10-Year-Old Boy in Human Sacrifice

"a local holy man advised him that a human sacrifice would heal his ailing son"

"The boy was taken to a temple on the outskirts of the village, where they performed a religious ritual. He was then taken to a field nearby, where three people held him down as another slit his throat. When police found him, the boy's head was almost severed from his body."

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And then ,of course ,there

And then ,of course ,there are always the old favourites........(definitely from the dark side)

"the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church" .....(nobody does it better...)

"Catholic Church boycotting huge shipment of polio vaccine being dispensed to Kenya. "


It would be nice to say that this surprises or shocks me ......

but the truth is......... its just the Catholics just doing what Catholics do ......

destroying lives....

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It has always amazed me how

It has always amazed me how these atrocities happen over and over again, yet the "faithful" just blow it off and ignore it. If it was ANYTHING other than religion, the institutions would be shut down, the buildings burned, and the this case clergy, would be thrown in jail. The scariest thing is there are so many millions of people who actualy believe these outrageous's like a crazy superstition!!

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It's mind control in action.

It's mind control in action.

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Six stabbed by ultra-Orthodox

Six stabbed by ultra-Orthodox Jew, two seriously injured at Gay Pride in Jerusalem.

"Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for that attack and was released from prison three weeks ago."

What goes through the head of such a man?

"Blessed are you, Lord, our God, for giving me this opportunity again.
I shall try to kill as many homosexuals as I can, in your honour.
However, I kindly ask one thing of you my Lord:
Help me get slightly less tashmesh in my tokhes in prison this time around."

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"74 Children Forced To Fight

"74 Children Forced To Fight In Cages And Executed By ISIS For ‘Blasphemy’, Including Refusal To Fast"

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This pastor is now nicknamed

This pastor in South Africa is nicknamed the "The Grass Pastor". He had his congregation eat grass.
And some picture of how people felt afterwards:
But they keep coming to his church...

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see that and soon found this

seen that (shocked :O ) and soon found this video:

Pastor Orders Female Members To Remove Underwear So God Can Enter Their Bodies


Now i have a nice thing to show to my christian friends about how Christianity makes them like sheep.

Butt naked Eating Grass LOL

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"Fourth Bangladeshi humanist

"Fourth Bangladeshi humanist blogger, Niloy Neel, hacked to death by Islamist extremists"

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"Dad let daughter die, rather

"Dad let daughter die, rather than be touched by 'strange' rescuer"
"Asian father stopped rescue team from saving his drowning daughter"


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