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Is it true that ebola is being used by the elite for certain population control? What is your views on it?

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Well, if you consider a virus

Well, if you consider a virus to be an elite being, then, yes, this virus is controlling its host.

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mysticrose ....

mysticrose ....

Which elite would that be ?

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rightaid ..

rightaid ..

just a "tad" over dramatic ... (all that's missing is the cry of "woe ,woe and thrice woe")

a little too stereotypical to be convincing ...

you could try posting the actual chapter and verse of your dire warning ....

but remember "less is more".

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Rightaid, are you a member of

Rightaid, are you a member of the 7th Day Adventist church? I think that would be a first for this site.

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Mystic, a lot of debate has

Mystic, a lot of debate has come up elsewhere that Bill Gates in his Ted Talk titled Innovating to Zero the transcript to which is link to here http://www.ted.com/talks/bill_gates/transcript?language=en bill Gates mentions at teh 4:29 mintue mark, and I quote;

"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3."

This quote has gotten a bunch of conspiracy nuts going about saying they plan to use vaccines, health care and reproductive services to reduce to population by 10 or 15 percent, but it is important to note he is talking about the future projection of 9 billion people and not the current population number of 6.8 billion people, though I will admit the use of the word vaccines in his quote does sound like they are talking about using vaccines to reduce fertility and this does make one wonder if this is to be by choice. Later in the speach he mentions there being no other choice but to innovate to zero.

Furthermore, Bill gates investment in Monsanto also gives people a lot of concern as they have made corn that sterilized people in the past. I do wish Mr. Gates would elaborate on all this to clarify exactly what he meant because it does sound dire.

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I think that the over

I think that the over population is a problem, but it can easily be solved by the government imposing birth control.
Like having 2 kids max per family.

There is no need to damage the gene pool for something so pathetic.

Though there could be ulterior motives behind it, not just birth control, in which case we can only speculate for now.

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In 2008 I did a study to

In 2008 I did a study to determine the effectiveness of government imposed birth control. Unfortunately, after searching for the paper I was unable to find it. However I remember gleaning these three interesting conclusions all based on effective implementation of the policies:
If people were only allowed to have one kid max per family per or better yet per couple the population would dwindle at an incredible rate.
If they were allowed two kids the population would grow 3 times before evening out. taking into account elderly and infant people alive today increasing lifespans and people having children later with medical advances that are being made provinf all things progressed at the same rates they were in 2008 which sadly I think we have managed to make these rates increase rather than decrease which mean totally different things for today.
If however, a share system was implemented where women were given 2 certificates kept in medical records which allowed them to have one child each the only exception being multiple births after already having had a child, and men were given certificates for up to 1 kid with exception to a mutiple birth. In this scenario after your record showed you to have reached the limit you could be/would be "temporaily fixed" making it possible for 2 men to have 2 kids with one woman thus allowing for 3 people to have 2 kids or 1.3 kids per person. With such a system we could get the population to even out relatively quickly and keep population numbers relatively stable. If Something went wrong and populations faced a threatening drop people could be unfixed to be able to have kids again and new certificates could be issued. A system like this would actually make sense seeing as how often twins or even higher numbered multiple births occur which would automatically bring a woman to her limit and likely also not put us over the edge in terms of population growth as there would be those born infertile and those who simple would not reproduce for other reasons. It also makes room for a reversal if things go badly.

Of course, these ideas only really work out as planned in controlled environments, in practice it did not take into account secretive births, and immigration which would not apply in world system. So far China is the best example we have of a 1 kid rule but there were exemptions made for minorities and some provinces had relaxed restrictions making it not really truly well enforced, also life expediencies have grown, the result being, the population has more than tripled since the Chinese 1 kid rule went into effect in in 1961. Japan on the other hand with its 2 kid policy saw it population numbers decline though they originally though tit would maintain the population and they are going through a population crisis where they are depopulating and trying to encourage more births now.

Obviously a series of rules and changes implemented as needed to them could be used to control the population and get it to a sensible level for example making it so at first couples would only be allowed to have one kid until population got low enough so we could handle 3 times the population evened out and then kid per couple numbers could be increased. But when problems are this big, there are never cut, dry and easy solutions.

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I want fewer laws put on my

I want fewer laws put on my body, not more. I'm absolutely against the notion of any government controlling my uterus is any way.

The answers to overpopulation, the only and best answers, are the education of women and provisioning access to birth control. Both have been shown to be the only things that work and keeps some official from physical invasion.

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My winded comment above was

My winded comment above was more to show that there has been large amounts of thought applied to the issue and thus far no real solution that works in practice. this problem also applies to the solution of edcating women and giving them access to birth control. Bill gates point also point out that controlling the population is not the best solution if one goes to the link I provided and reads further as it labels population as only one variable in the solution and states that in the best case scenario tackling the problem from a poplulation stand point will not solve the problem threatening the world right now. We need to Innovate to Zero as the so called elite are pointing out but population control will not solve the issue. Bill gates is trying to draw attention to the amount of CO2 put out per each unit of energy and pointing out how we must instead focus on this rather than the other three factors being population, the services we use, and efficiency of energy use.Any of which if brought to zero would solve teh world crises but for obvious reasons reducing these last three mentioned variables to zero is not a realistic approach.

I too would prefer keeping the government off and out of my balls and your uterus, LOL ;)

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LMAO at your last sentence.

LMAO at your last sentence.

I disagree, however, with your second sentence, Z. The statistical correlation showing increased education of women along with easy access to birth control and substantially lower birth rates is just too telling to ignore.

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While your right that

While your right that educating women along with giving people easy access to birth control does result in substantially lower birth rates , I don't disagree with you there, I just don't believe educating people and granting easy access to birth control will be enough to apply soon enough or on time to solve the crisis we as a planet are heading into, this is not to say it should not be done but just to say it won't be enough.

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I hope you're not right. I

I hope you're not right. I hope we can get women educated. I hope we can get rid of the birth control naysayers. I hope. Oh, how I hope...

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The problem is that in most

The problem is that in most countries that face these problems, woman do not actually have much of a say in the matter.

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Thanks for your contribution

Thanks for your contribution to this matter.
Yea, I agree , it won't be enough.

The global birth control only works if all governments pull the rope.

China fails because it was at a stage where it was already too late to adopt that measure.(better late then never)
To enforce that measure on such a huge uneducated population is unrealistic.

So china is not the best example.
I think the more educated countries will have more success if birth control is implemented.

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Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your opinions, guys! There's a possibility that the elite do exists and it's one of their cruel schemes. Only possibility though, so it means that there's also chances that they aren't true.

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Look up the Bill and Melinda

Look up the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, look up the Billionares Pledge, just google it, you will see the the group of elite does exist but if you really look deeply into the matter you will find out a few things. Yeah pretty much whatever they say goes, they are not as evil as conspiracy wing nuts make them out to be, they are dealing with real problems very intelligently without ruling out any options entirely, some options they consider are scary sounding than others, us lower or less elite people have little say in the matter and that scares the shit out of some of us as these multi-billionaires have so much control over businesses, nations, education, medicine, law ect...

But if you were one of these billionaires you would be just like them in these regards, you would be in a position to make to have to make decisions that matter and can greatly effect the world, for better or for worse, with nearly unlimited access to intelligence cash and resources while most of the world is to broke to pay attention well enough to know what the best decisions to make are. You would be in a position of great power where you could not even spend money faster then you gained interest but could implement carefully weighed ideas that most people have neither the time nor resources to properly access, ideas that may and in fact will impact the lives of others but for some reason or another, you would feel would them to be the best ideas all things considered. If you tried to work with anyone else like you, it would strike fear into the hearts of others with less access to such power but you could get more done even if the "lesser or less elite people me included" could see reason to fear your actions whether from a lesser understanding or self preservation standpoint, as the decision you would make could result in the what may be best for the world but not particularly you or me.

What I like about this group, or if you prefer the term cabal, is it is showing that at least some people with the means have gotten together to step up to the plate, research into and take on such issues and they really are some of the most intelligent people out there.

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