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Hey tortoise, what kind of

Hey tortoise, what kind of church did you attend? It’s interesting that you talk about feeling gods love. I’ve noticed many Christian churches are very focused on emotions and not on intellect. In my view one doesn’t need to feel gods love, speak in tongues(which is a very controversial subject in itself) in order to through evidence have a reasonable belief that God exists. From that point there is a difference between belief that God exists and belief in God.

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@burn your bible. Unrelated.

@burn your bible. Unrelated. Sometimes I can't seem to send direct messages. Why do you think that is?

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Direct messages on this site?

Direct messages on this site?

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Not read the comment thread,

Not read the comment thread, I'm sure someone might have pointed this before but if we're assuming that the old and new testament God are the same then I wouldn't pray to them, I'd urge them to seek help. They're clearly either bipolar or worse yet suffering from dissociative identity disorder

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Ok so let's assume

Ok so let's assume

"So my question is why do we follow him?
Why do we praise or worship him?
Why do we follow his words?"

I think these three questions would have the same answer/s.
If God were to reveal himself as God then that means no one could deny that anything in the bible is untrue. Since God is real, then the bible is real which means everything that Jesus had done for us is real and really happened. Having this revelation of Grace and God's love would lead to gratitude, humility and acceptance. (At least for most ppl).

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Can you prove a god is real?

Can you prove a god is real? Can you prove jesus is real? The only proof you have is the bible saying so, you have no sources outside the bible to use as evidence.

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God should be performing all

God should be performing all kinds of miracles thru his "little christs" running around. Wait, I forgot that Benny Hinn does....you can see it for yourself on tv.


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