Has nature ever created a code?

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For what it is worth: it

For what it is worth: it doesn't look exactly like a leaf (as others have pointed out). If it looked exactly like a leaf, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference between it and a leaf in a picture.

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Ergh, thank you! voice of

Ergh, thank you! voice of reason.

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Luck plays no part in

Luck plays no part in evolution. Luck is just something humans perceive. Mutations are random, natural selection is not. Natural selection means some mutations are fittest for their environment and survive because of it.

There is no luck....

Now can you demonstrate any objective evidence for your vapid creation myth involving talking snakes and magic fruit?

Your evasion is becoming quite comical...

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Evolution is simple even a

Evolution is simple even a creationist can understand

Almost, let me correct that for you...

"Creationists are simple..."

Darwinism relies on its almighty engine: luck of chance mutations (error).

More bollocks from the village idiot, Darwinism or The theory of biological evolution actually states that all species of organisms arise and develop through natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individuals ability to compete, survive and reproduce.

Fucking hell, you literally can't get anything right.

How do you remember to breath?

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Re-examine those photos, it’s

Re-examine those photos, it’s very remarkable the resemblance to a leaf, the veins, shape, color etc. I know you don’t want to hear that but what luck to have that happen, should give any evotard pause.
Again the core of evolution is all about lucky mutations, randomhero is blatantly using word games to avoid this fact, what a deceptive tactic

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I tend to ignore threads that

I tend to ignore threads that over 100 replies long, but had to poke my head in on an 800+ reply long thread.

Still arguing about evolution I see.

Where are we at? (no way I am going to read 500+ replies) Is vanderbilt saying there is no evolution and there is only god?
If so, does he still not realize that arguing there is no evolution is roughly akin to arguing the earth is flat?



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If so, does he still not realize that arguing there is no evolution is roughly akin to arguing the earth is flat

Yes, but you also have to factor in that he's a retard.

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@ LogicFTW

@ LogicFTW

In the bottom line summation, the creatard J N Vanderbilt III says that nothing evolves but was created by the Great Sky Faerie, or the Magic Lich Virgin, or the Rather Comedic Spook, or some other deity. I even listed them for him but he refuses to see my posts anymore because I caught him lying about me three times and confronted him about his lies. He disappeared for about 7 to 10 days, then came back, saw my Formal Challenge and has been telling me to "shut the fuck up" ever since. Nice. Catch a theist in 3 lies and he has the audacity to tell me to "shut the fuck up" and he is ignoring my posts.

Basically, he is just running off at the mouth by putting his face on the toilet seat and spewing diarrhea from between his lips. He refuses to answer any questions and completely ignores the fact that everything he has said has been thoroughly debunked by all of us.

And as Random said, you have take into account that he is a creatard. Furthermore, even when he was responding to my posts, he NEVER denied my statement that he is probably a 13 year old boy troll.

Summation enough?


EDIT: inserted omitted words

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@Randomhero1982 & arakish

@Randomhero1982 & arakish
Thanks for the summaries. Seems like I have not missed too much.

It is a bit scary to consider that a ~13 year old kid is given this much free unrestricted access to the net to spend this much time here.



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Luck is still not involved no

Luck is still not involved no matter How often you repeat the lie. Mutations are random and natural selection is not. Survival of those specimens fittest for their environment is the result.

What's funny is you believing a vapid creation myth where a deity makes a species look exactly like a leaf to avoid predators that it also created to eat it alive in the first place. Now that's the dumbest idea I've ever heard..its the very antithesis of "intelligent design". Apart from being sadistic, and barbarically cruel, it would be the work of a bungling incompetent. I mean how much respect could anyone have for a "creator" that included phenomena such as phlegm and tooth decay in it's design?

Fortunately we're not under the controlling jackboot of an insane barbarically cruel deity, as there isn't a single shred of evidence that supports your vapid creation myth, or your fictional deity.

Is there????

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So you believe a deity you

So you believe a deity you can't evidence created it to look like a leaf, in order to avoid being eaten alive by the predators it also created with the express purpose of eating it alive?

Yeah, that makes much more sense...you are funny fair play. Creatards make me laugh...

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Again mutations are random

Again mutations are random luck and NS is powerless without it, NS creates NOTHING!

So without your luck, you are out of luck.

I am wondering if moths could look like $10 bills if they lived among them? Say yes?

Ps, keep your wasted insults coming they bounce off me and I rather enjoy it

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How do you propose species

How do you propose species come to be?

How does a dog become a dog?

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Nope still no luck involved,

Nope still no luck involved, lying won't change this. The only things that bounce off you are facts, questions and integrity.

So did your sky fairy use magic to create something to look like a leaf, to avoid being eaten by something it created specifically to eat it then? That's a pretty dumb creator.

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Dog family was created

Dog family was created complete. But there is
micro evolution, variations built into the genome that allow for coyotes, wolves etc which are related. But that’s where it ends, no new body plans or novel features such as giraffe necks, legs, trunks , fish becoming human is possible or evidenced.
Baramin kinds are locked in place w limits.

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A dog was created complete?!

A dog was created complete?!

How? please describe the mechanics and/or mechanisms behind this claim.

Also, can you demonstrate evidence in regards to baramin (something created with nothing preceding it, an original first off).

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Magic obviously. His deity

Magic obviously. His deity uses supernatural unseen power, that cannot be explained. That's the very definition of magic. Magic apples talking snakes zapping humans into existence in an instant from clay and on and on...Magic tadah.

Why did he create predators with sole intention of eating other living things, then disguise those living things as leaves to foil the predator?

Why did it crate diseases like malaria polio leprosy why cancer? Do we really need more than one species of slug?

"Intelligent" design makes me giggle every time I hear a creatard say it.

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Creationism is a worldview comparable to that of a child.

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Macro and micro evolution are

Macro and micro evolution are still the same process, just on different time scales, and macro evolution starts at speciation, which has been observed in multiple studies, and again no amount of lying from you will change these scientific facts.

Nothing was created, as your inability to demonstrate a shred of objective evidence amply demonstrates.

"Miacids in turn had evolved from Cretaceous insectivores. The direct descendants of miacids today are animals called viverrids, which include the genet of Africa. Wolf ancestors began to develop in the Paleocene, about sixty million years ago."

Try again champ....

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I d say via the “magic “ of

I d say via the “magic “ of God, a realm basically out of the reach of science, but not logic
I’ve already explained this.

Now can a moth mutate to look like a $10 bill?

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J N Vanderbilt III - Now can

J N Vanderbilt III - Now can a moth mutate to look like a $10 bill?

Probably not.

However, could a moth be produced that look something like a $10 bill from several generations of moths; with the survival to reproduction age in each generation being influenced by how well a moth can hide on a $10 bill? Almost certainly.

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Beautifully put and something

Beautifully put and something I was mulling over.

If there was an environment in which said moths were made to live, completely surrounded by $10 bills,
they would over time develop colouring at the very least that would mimic.

I would further imagine we would see a form of negative frequency dependent selection,

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So you do believe in magic,

So you do believe in magic, but can't evidence it, quelle surprise.

You've offered no logic, that is axiomatic and why has been thoroughly explained to you as well. Nothing that contains a logical fallacy can be asserted as rationally true, QED.

Moths don't "mutate into" anything. Mutations occur at the genetic level, things evolve slowly over vast timescales. No living things evolve into a man made objects. that's asinine even by your standards.

So what explanatory powers does your claim for sky fairy using magic have? Or is it just another of your unevidenced fantasies?

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That literally means nothing,

That literally means nothing, Please describe how this happens.

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So what you’re saying there’s

So what you’re saying there’s a mutation that will make a moth look like anything desired?

Is this the magic of evolution?

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No, desire has nothing to do

No, desire has nothing to do with it.

It is a survival mechanism, it will adapt.

There is nothing that will look 100% identical to what it mimics, but it'll be a close approximation that can fool predators or lure prey.

And no, magic is not real. All magic is simply deception, trick of the eye and so on.

That may become food for thought for you.

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No, and no. It's just another

No, and no. It's just another of your asinine straw man lies.

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So mutations will allow a

So mutations will allow a creature to look like anything “necessary”, I say desired is a good word because all creatures desire to live.

I would call this magic because if you had the ability to look like anything, that is magical indeed

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Actually, it is better to say

Actually, it is better to say that mutations may or may not allow a creature to better adapt to its environment.

That is where your confusion lies.


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No that is not what I or

No that is not what I or anyone else is saying, please make an effort to at least read.
We are being patient and trying to answer your questions, so its the very least you could do.

No, mutations will not allow a creature to look like anything, it is very specific to environmental conditions and pressures.

Some may adapt to their environment to blend in somewhat if they are to avoid predators, or to allure prey.

But, you also get creatures that can mimic similar creatures in order to take advantage of a particular trait.

Take the false coral snake, it is highly dangerous. yet, it has various species of snake like a milk snake that has evolved to mimic it, the milk snake looks almost identical and is less likely to be attacked because of it.

Calling it necessary or magic is false, as stated, magic is faux and necessary simply adds unrequired metaphysical baggage.


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