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I think we put one over on

I think we put one over on you.

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I know this was launched for

I know this was launched for comedy purposes, but I just can't bring myself to indulge in shit like this even for comedy purposes, because I know that there will be some loons out there who will take it seriously ...

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You don't want to wind

You don't want to wind yourself up too tightly.

I think this type of mockery is excellent at pointing out the absurdity of theist positions and compliments the intellectual discourse you and others provide.

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@Calilasseia: RE: Loons?

@Calilasseia: RE: Loons? What the fuck you got against the Canadians? That's being a bit prejudicial isn't it? What if it was a bunch of Yankees, Kiwis, Auzies, or Limy Brits that were indulging in shit like this? What's up with this focus on Canada???

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I had to look this one up.

I had to look this one up. Yes, I was unaware that "loon" was associated with Canada, via, it appears, various species of waterfowl. Though here in the UK, the same birds are referred to as "divers". Apparently, one species thereof also features on Canadian coinage, and the coin is known as the "loon" for that reason.

One learns something new every day.

However, it also appears that some parts of the USA have cultural attachments to the waterfowl in question as well.

Out of the five known species, the Black Throated Diver (as we call it here) is absent from North America, but the Red-Throated Diver occurs right across the northern hemisphere. Canadian populations thereof are joined by the other three species, of which the Pacific Loon used to be classified as being in the same species as the Black-Throated Diver until 1985. Now it's been determined to be a separate species in its own right. It's joined by the Common Loon (which superficially resembles a larger version of Black-Throated Diver), and the Yellow-Billed Loon. Canada appears to be a popular breeding location for the North American species.

Quite how the word "loon" came to be applied to these birds remains a mystery to me, but I have found that they're amongst the most phylogenetically ancient of modern birds, with a virtually unbroken ancestry stretching back all the way to the Lower Cretaceous.

Here in the UK, the word "loon" is reserved for wingnuts of assorted types, deriving originally from "lunatic", which entered the lexicon when various species of madness were thought to be influenced by the phases of the Moon.

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@Cali Re: "I know this was

@Cali Re: "I know this was launched for comedy purposes, but I just can't bring myself to indulge in shit like this even for comedy purposes..."

No worries, mate. Understood. You have your own brand of intellectual humor that I personally admire. I know it has made me belt out a few good belly laughs here and there. And while I cannot speak for the others, I do know my own flavor of humor isn't always for everybody, but I do have oh-so-much fun with it nonetheless... *chuckle*... Besides, your particular technical style is the perfect balance to the slapstick antics in which a few of us like to partake in around here. Plus, look at it this way... If anybody comes in here and starts agreeing with some of the bullshit I happen to toss about haphazardly, it should be pretty easy to determine that individual is very likely beyond help anyway... LOL...


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