I Am Deceived, Therefore I Think

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Most people think they are

Most people think they are their thoughts.

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@rat pit I do not recall my

@rat pit

I do not recall my dreams, or am able to recreate or "play" music in my head for longer than a second or two. I can easily shut down or stop my concious thought processes.

I also can't visualize the colors orange, red, yellow, or white. Attempting to visualize certain things, like my favorite video game map, results in a poorly defined black images, that fades after a few seconds. The image while entirely black, has different shades. I identify one as white but I can't visual the color itself, only the black placeholder my mind creates.

If I want to visualize any of the other colors, I can only do one at a time, and any accompanying "shapes" are more akin to amorphous blobs. Green, other than black, is the easiest color to visualize.

Troubling thoughts do not keep me awake nor do I have nightmares. A restless mind, stuck on solving a problem, does sometimes keep my awake.

I do not hear voices in my head except my own. My thoughts are my thoughts, as I have no way to verify that they are not, considering the preponderance of evidence between neural activity and thoughts.


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