I can prove God Exists, is that a problem?

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Nobody accepts your

Nobody accepts your perspective.

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OK Nobody, 2 I can prove God

Nobody, @ I can prove God Exists, is that a problem?

I can prove God exists. Or is that really an issue among atheists? I am sincerely trying to help anyone who is seeking the Truth. @

OK, Nobody, I am seeking the truth. What now ?

Mutorc S'yriah

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Accept the Truth when it is

Accept the Truth when it is beyond dispute, Or Nobody will feel bad for you

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Nobody: @ Accept the Truth

Nobody: @ Accept the Truth when it is beyond dispute, Or Nobody will feel bad for you @

I was hoping that you'd give it to me. Give me the truth so I can accept it. The truth, according to you, is that you can prove "God " exists. I haven't seen you do it yet. Technically, you've simply called science a lie. Time began with the universe, so there was no time before the universe, and there is no time outside the universe. It takes time to produce a change, including "creating" a universe. So nothing outside the universe can do anything, (except by magic). You see, your god couldn't even have got "his" mission under way.

If magic is the proof, then EPIC FAIL !

Tada ! I've proved that "God" did not make the universe, and so your proof that "God" exists is an EPIC, EPIC FAIL ! ! !

If you really had proof that "God" exists there would be no "PROBLEM" for me, and I would accept it.


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Here we go:

Here we go:
11/4 on its 'holy' book based
Evens its a variation on the Kalam bullshit
1000/1 it's original
6/4 its a variation on Pascals Wager
800/1 it has got any resemblance to "proof" or evidence

The book is now closed.
Last bet: a trillion to one bet that verifiable proofs will be offered.

No bets were accepted that this is a drive by posting.

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Nobody finds your

Nobody finds your mathematical judgments to be questionable. God exists, odds 1 out of 1.

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Aaaand the winners have been

Aaaand the winners have been paid at Evens and Odds on:
1> Nothing New here 6/4 on
2> its a variation of the Kalam bullshit at Evens
3> No proof or evidence is offered. Odds changed dramatically at the start and so 11/8 on paid.

Thank you all for betting. The only loser (and this is unusual for the track) is "Nobody" *wild cheers* How you spend your jellybeans and paperclips is up to you....

Seriously Nobody? your argument "I don't know...god did it...., or "I cant prove it but I think "god did it" ' has been dismantled so many times it just isn't funny. Its not just idiotic its intellectually barren. I see others have picked up on the distinct lack of originality in your answers, your logical fallacies and ignorance of science.

Good luck. If that is all you've got I'm off. I'm going to have coffee with my mate, and yours, "god of the gaps"

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I can't do it, you can't do

I can't do it, you can't do it, God claims He did it. Prove He didn't. Odds of success 0 out of aprox. 666 Billion.

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@ Nobody

@ Nobody

"god claims he did it" another baseless assertion. Which god claims he did it? When did he claim he did it, where is the evidence that a) he did it, therefore b) he exists?

Odds of you producing that incontrovertible evidence 1,000,000,000/1

Odds that you have a "feeling" or personal experience? 1/100......no bets taken.

Do you not realise that these arguments of yours are tired old debunked word games? Seen them and all their variations, and yet not one skerrick of proof for your god figure. Nothing. Both your premise and conclusions are illogical and based on a supposition without proof. What you are saying is "Banana exists, therefore tree. The proof of the tree is all the other fruit we see like grapes and plums and melons." Total nonsense.

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Here's your prize ________

Here's your prize _____________________________

It's not a problem at all for Atheists. Love to hear what you got, since no apologist has yet come up with a proof.

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@ Bumble Butt: "I see the

@ Bumble Butt: "I see the same evidence that the atheist sees."

What evidence? I have never seen any evidence. Do you have anything at all that would hold up and be counted as evidence in a court of law? Anything at all that any scientist worth his salt would say "Yep, that is clear evidence of a god." I have never seen any.

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@Nobody, pray for my hearing

@Nobody, pray for my hearing to be restored and when I can hear clearly without devices I will believe your god exist and that you are a true christan. Easy. Mustard seed sized faith, prayer, mountain goes into the sea, tree into a river, I hear music and become Billy Graham II.

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"@Nobody, pray for my hearing to be restored and when I can hear clearly without devices I will believe your god exist and that you are a true christan."

Not one person in history has ever had enough faith in Jesus to do what he said a person with faith can easily do. Now it's not a good idea to command mountains to jump into the (too much collateral damage) but no one has ever had enough faith to make a tree do it. And not even the people he was talking to at that time believed in him. Heck, even he never did it to show that it could be done. The OP doesn't have any faith so he's a bust.

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Faith grows.

Faith grows.

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So does cancer, warts,

So does cancer, warts, tumours, distrust, suspicion and doubt.

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Evidently you haven't heard

Evidently you haven't heard what passes for popular music these days. We, the hearing can not unhear what we have heard. In that regard you are blessed.

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Blessed, am I? Evidently you

Blessed, am I? Evidently you have no idea what it is like to be deaf.

A typical casual offhand trite comment of another's serious physical handicap.
Lovely spiritual compassion.

In that regard you are certainly not blessed with any godlike love or wisdom. Rather than come here and embarrass yourself parading your deluded pious godly connection , you should go work on your basic humanity.

I accept that not you nor anyone can miraculously restore my hearing. That's an obvious undeniable given.
In the meantime I dare you to block your ears with soft wax so you hear nothing then continue your life and see how long you last without digging the wax out. No need to complain about what passes for music then. I doubt you would have the strength and endurance to last a day. There are more problems involved than just the lack of sound. You also have to put up with the impatient ignorant intolerance of others all the time, everyday.

You came claiming to help anyone who wanted to find the truth? You failed miserably. All you have done is insult me and confirm my understanding that most theists are thoughtless, unconscious, self-satisfied, clap-hands happy pretenders.
Don't bother plumbing the depths of your god's omnipotence and sharing your supposed truths. You should seriously and thoughtfully re-examine yourself.

And I am still waiting for my miracle, little god man.

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Going to have a shot at

Going to have a shot at proving God exists;

Look at the beauty of dew drops glistening on a flower at sunrise, kittens etc.

You can't have morals without God, we have morals therefore God exists.

Greatest possible being in all worlds...etc


Where's my fucking prize beaches?

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You need to get over to this

You need to get over to this thread and answer the questions put to you.

Or have you conceded to the fact that you are a bigoted transphobic wannabe atheist?


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Hi Arakish - Actually, I

Hi Arakish - Actually, I thought that I would be informed when someone replied to my post. Nobody apologies for temporarily entering the void. Could you please define transphobic for me?

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I concede nothing stop

I concede nothing stop trolling me across threads.

You will have to get used to the fact that because you accuse someone of something does not make it true and it's not the other person's job to disprove your unsubstantiated allegation.

Your leftist tricks have been exposed.


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@ Nobody

@ Nobody

Kind of reminds me of this little story:

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job.

Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.


P.S. - Please hurry with the proof, you put me into such a shock...

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i farted so hard while trying

i farted so hard while trying to figure all this out...wait...wait...oh yeah.. now i get it...

"Please hurry with the proof, you put me into such a shock..."

you put me into such confusion. arakish...

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Nobody finds confusion worth

Nobody finds confusion worth the while if it leads to understanding, and even better when it leads to meaning

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If you seriously want to "prove" that God exists, you need to prove that the universe was created.

Not only are you not capable of proving the existence of something capable of creating itself, you are not able to prove the existence of something that creates anything (rather than merely transforming matter, for example).

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Transforming presupposes

Transforming presupposes existence, existence presupposes creation. Order matters in all things. No skipping over the parts which prove inconvenient to your understanding.

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Nobody: Transforming presupposes existence, existence presupposes creation. Order matters in all things. No skipping over the parts which prove inconvenient to your understanding.

Existence does not presuppose creation. That is an assumption. It is also contradictory with your other beliefs, if you believe your god to be eternal.

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Sapporo has a good point which may be stated this way. All you have really claimed is that every object in the universe came into existence after a transformation of matter and energy. In that sense it was "created." But of course! Energy is neither created nor destroyed, so all of its objects (which possess energy) can only be "created" by a transformation of matter and energy. That's what we actually observe.

The universe as a whole appears to have ZERO net energy, meaning that such a transformation cannot apply from some previous state that you call "God." If no energy is needed to create the universe, then no effort by a god (or anything else) that adds energy or guides its transformation is needed. You can now put your god proof into that great, circular file.

Especially note that you have not shown that any object has been created out of nothing. Therefore, you have given us no reason, by analogy, to believe that the universe was created out of nothing.

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If nobody was standing in

If nobody was standing in front of you how would you know?

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@Term-dog Re: "If nobody

@Term-dog Re: "If nobody was standing in front of you how would you know?"

Really, dude? C'mon! That's easy. Because you would open your eyes and Nobody would be standing there. Duh!


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