: I'm Kyairey: a freethinker from Malaysia: my ten paragraphs of mind:

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: I'm Kyairey: a freethinker from Malaysia: my ten paragraphs of mind:

: I'm Kyairey: a freethinker from Malaysia: these ten different paragraphs of massages from Kyairey are the reason why I'm a freethinker:

: 1st: first: @boxingmma2017: if there's (there is) God: human/religion/God has failed to use evidence/evidences to denying/disproving the existence/existences of many/unlimited/limited/zillions/trillions/billions/millions/thousands/hundreds/ninety/eighty/seventy/sixty/fifty/forty/thirty/twenty/nineteen/eighteen/seventeen/sixteen/fifteen/fourteen/thirteen/twelve/eleven/ten/nine/eight/seven/six/five/four/three/two/one/half/quarter/zero/0.9/0.8/0.7/0.6/0.5/0.4/0.3/0.2/0.1/0/-0.1/-0.2/-0.3/-0.4/-0.5/-0.6/-0.7/-0.8/-0.9/-zero/-quarter/-half/-one/-two/-three/-four/-five/-six/-seven/-eight/-nine/-ten/-eleven/-twelve/-thirteen/-fourteen/-fifteen/-sixteen/-seventeen/-eighteen/-nineteen/-twenty/-thirty/-forty/-fifty/-sixty/-seventy/-eighty/-ninety/-hundreds/-thousands/-millions/-billions/-trillions/-zillions/-limited/-unlimited/-many same/-same/different/-different Gods/-Gods: logically if all non-Muslims/apostates/ex-Muslims/gays/blasphemers/adulterers/cows/chickens/goats/rabbits/fishes/camels/birds can kill all Muslims if all Muslims can kill all gays/apostates/ex-Muslims/adulterers/blasphemers/cows/chickens/goats/rabbits/fishes/camels/birds based on Islam: if there is no God: if there's no different God: if there's no same God: if there is infinity God: if there's infinity different God: if there's infinity same God: if there is zero God: if there's zero different God: if there's zero same God: if there is one God: if there's one different God: if there's one same God: if there're (there are) two/three/four/five/six/seven/eight/nine/many different/same Gods: if God is all-powerful: the all-powerful God can use the function of all-powerful from God to be anything/whatever/anyone (pig/dog/slut/hooker/bitch/pornstar/gay/atheist/apostate/blasphemer/space/life/hell/shit/damn/worst) because God is all-powerful: if there's the all-powerful God: unfortunately there's death threat/penalty in Islam for gay/blasphemer/adulterer that is not a killer/murderer: based on Islam: just because of many Muslims afraid (fear) if/about there is afterlife/hell: because: it is stupid/idiot/bozo/dumb if/when all Muslims don't have fear of/about Allah the almighty God: Islam is fear: thanks @samharrisorg.

: 2nd: second: @boxingmma2017: "To bear a child." is a process without permission that is like trespassing someone's privacy/home because there's no permission from a child before the process of "Bear a child." that has never been told/explained by any religion: that's the simple reason why @samharrisorg/me/others/atheists/agnostics/satanists/freethinkers are still against any religion because usually in history: the/their/theist/theists preaching is more likely/into trespassing/threatening/dominating as a sign of terrorism because religion is politics. It's not necessary/important for all humans to know about all existences/matters. Personally/Naturally/Logically I think @samharrisorg is always being practical/honest/kind/helpful to others when discussing what/how is the morality that based on quality/quantity. The truth is it is a serious crime to trespassing (entering/inserting/applying without permission) someone's/others' place/places/mind/minds: that's why pedophile is immoral that is like trespassing the innocent mind of the immature/pubescent (puberty) little kids/kid that is too/so young to get married with the adult and the sexual harassment is the real crime. Trespassing is harassment against privacy. "Rape is trespassing (without permission)." that is like "Entering someone's/others' place/places without permission.". Based on Google website search engine: terrorism is the way/ways that is political/religious to violently threatened/threatening the innocent civilian/civilians in order to have the desired government through political/religious terrorism. Islam is based on fear: as it is stupid for Muslim to have no fear of Allah (God): that's what I've/they've learned from Islam: that's why Aung San Suu Kyi has explained about "The freedom without fear." is the only real/true freedom." that's why they've killed/murdered many Rohingya's people (Muslims) just because of Islam is based on fear. Fear is basic of Islam. "To bear a child." is trespassing. It's easy to know all people because we're not the same through what/how we want: that's why there's war because of many people always fighting each other because of religions/things/imperfections/differentiations/all.

: 3rd: third: I'm ex-Muslim atheist because it's terrorism/wrong/violence/cruelty/immoral/abusive/bad/crime/uncomfortable/anxiety/unacceptable/painful/stupid/crazy/worst to kill/slaughtering anyone/creature (cow/chicken/fish/goat/camel/lamb/bird/rabbit/animal/insect/plant/blasphemer/gay/adulterer/apostate/existence) that is not a killer/murderer based on Islam/morality/empathy/sympathy/mercy/rationality/reason/logic. God is not all-knowing if God does not know about making a phone (iPhone 0 Plus) that can be able/used to delete God and all. It's God's fault if there's God because the creation of human/animal/insect/creature/existence/life is God's decision that is purposely/knowingly/deliberately/consciously/expectedly/intentionally/predictably created by the all-knowing God which is not accidentally/unknowingly/unexpectedly/unconsciously/unpredictably/undeliberately created by the all-knowing God as the evidence/alibi/proof that/which can be used to accusing/convicting/proving the all-knowing God has wanted many humans to be eternally (without stop) nonstop in hell because of the all-knowing God already knows/knew about many people will be eternally (without stop) nonstop in hell since before the all-knowing God has created human with life. Mom/Dad is the killer/murderer of his own son/daughter because death is sure but there are still many humans want to bear a child in order to show there's still no one has discovered humanity which means it is completely wrong to bear a child because if the child wants to suicide or if the child has been raped/molested/bullied/tortured/kidnapped/killed/murdered by human/animal/creature/nature/tragedy/situation or if the child don't have two legs/hands because of car accident or if the child has completely failed in life/afterlife if there's afterlife. People was born: not to be punished/punisher. Life is rule: added with many rules. Uselessly it's a waste of money/time/energy to make many/all religious places/books/things/activities. Usefully it's not a waste of money/time/energy to help the poor. It should be God to say "There's God." to human if there's God. Air/Hell is unseen. Many humans can feel the air. Human cannot feel the hell.

: 4th: fourth: what will happen to other religions/situations/humans/governments/environments/educations/entertainments after you've created a new Godless religion with one billion followers that can use the invisible evidence to accusing/convicting/proving anyone as a murderer/killer that has killed many people?: it'll goes like this: "If you can just make believe the invisible existence of God until/till I die (dice: gamble) and then I think I can just use the same concept to just make believe the invisible evidence to accusing/convicting/proving anyone as a murderer/killer that has killed many people: how's that?

: 5th: fifth: you want to believe about there is hell when there is no hell in front of your eyes?

: 6th: sixth: you want to buy a house when there is no house in front of your eyes?

: 7th: seventh: the faith/religion of Islamic is wrong if the faith/religion of Islamic has said about the faith/religion of non-Islamic is wrong.

: 8th: eighth: quantity is the only password to have the religious government.

: 9th: ninth: if there's hell: hell is a sign that God has failed to proving the existence of God to many humans: that's why I'm ex-Muslim atheist.

: 10th: tenth: there is no religion/God/love/atheist if there is no faith about religion/God/love/atheist.

Kyairey © 2017



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Welcome. In the future, maybe

Welcome. In the future, maybe boil it down to a readable paragraph or two. I'm just too darn lazy to read all that

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Welcome. Next time try to

Welcome. Next time try to write a smaller OP.

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Kyairey is an old member. He

Kyairey is an old member. He posts and never replies to comments. Language barrier perhaps. Most of the time I have no fucking clue what he is trying to say.

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Glad I scrolled down and read

Glad I scrolled down and read the comments before I even began to try to make sense of that mess.

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Kyairey, it appears you are

Kyairey, it appears you are bumping your post. Stop doing so.

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Oh I know this guy, trust me,

Oh I know this guy, trust me, he's just trying to get famous for that quote of his -

" you want to believe about there is hell when there is no hell in front of your eyes?

: you want to buy a house when there is no house in front of your eyes?

~Kyairey "
- Wouldn't bother paying attention to him if I were you. He's just glorifying himself and clearly failing at it.

The concept here is that, it's not that you can't understand him, but he's writing all that bullshit to make himself look like a "critical thinker".

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Free thinking is great, but

Free thinking is great, but unless you express it in language that means something to other people, it will remain solitary thinking. Even free thinking needs a little discipline.

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