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What are the chances we are the only intelligent life in the universe?
Latest estimate that in the observable universe (due to the age of the universe and the speed of light its virtually guarenteed there are stars we just cant see yet) there are around 300 sextillion sextillion stars this is not a typo:
Impressed? Given that the most conservative ratio of planets to stars is about 2 with many claiming more like 4 isnt it arrogant as hell to assume we are alone???
Also something to consider without technology we cant even dream of yet it is impossible for us to ever visit them all as they are accellerating away from us at astronomical speeds (pun intended lol). So why? If a creator in fact exists why make stars that are useless to us infact why make more than one galaxy it makes no sense.
Finally im sure all us atheists are aware theres good odds there is life on rather in europa jupitors ice moon all the ingredients neccessary for life exist there were not saying dolphins but the species we find on earth around fumeroles as we think fumeroles will exist in europa as a result of the tidal gravaty from jupitor.
We also have detected methane in mars's atmosphere now there is a remote chance its the result of volcanic activity but mars is considered a dead world volcanically so we think its caused by bacteria and are sending a specially designed robot to find it.
And last of all we have found amino acids inside meteorites they are one of the basic steps in making life.
So there you have it odds are theres life on mars and in europa and there are an estimated 600 - 1200 septillion planets in the observable universe atleast 0.1% of that has to have conditions amicable to life as we know it (there is the possibility of things like silicon based life or life that can exist in the hydrocarbon lakes of titan or whatever we dont know).
I cannot buy the claim that we are the only life or even that we are the only intelligent life the number of planets out there is just to high.

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How embarrassing the second

How embarrassing the second septillion just before 'this is not a typo' was a typo lol.

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There is a big possibility

There is a big possibility that we are not the only intellectual beings in the universe and most likely there are lot of species out there in the universe who are more intellectual than us.

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Well given that we took

Well given that we took around 4.5 billion years and the universe is over 13 billion years old yes theres a very slim chance that theres intelligent life out there thats had hundreds of millions of years (or even billions) to develop.
That gives us a problem we would not be using any communication that they would notice. They could be using methods we couldnt dream of and would not be likely to notice a radio signals. Maybe they use a subspace communication system lol
Any spacefaring race would have to develop past radio because we cant even communicate with a probe further away than pluto, let alone something a light year away.

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The drake equation has many

The drake equation has many flaws and is not easy to understand if your not great at high level maths.
Ive read a few stories about attempts to update it.
I think it would be better to work out the probability of our existence as a start.
Heres one of the stories i read about drake problems:

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We should also consider the

We should also consider the possibility of self destructed civilisations.
Its not certain if we will survive as a species long enough to become spacefaring.

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Yeah, there is a huge

Yeah, there is a huge possibility that there are life in other places in the universe. I hope scientists will discover it soon.

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I dont think we will find

I dont think we will find intelligent life in my lifetime i hope we do but its just a very low probability.
First problem is our seti attempt is nearly useless we have discovered through simple progress that the time a civilisation broadcasts detectable radio waves is brief we are maybe 20 years away from a society that only uses radio waves for astronomy.
Tv signals are thought to be the most likely detectable evidence with our technology and its already becoming obsolete for us satellite cable and online programs have all but won.
So say for example a civilisation is 500 years ahead of us in technology we wouldn't detect their radio because they wouldn't be using it.
There are a few hypothetical detection methods being considered such as the possibility an alien race needing more and more energy would build a dyson sphere around their solar system in theory (common english version) that would change the light emission of the star and be detectable. I find this unlikely since we are very close to cracking fusion which is going to kill off solar energy so that would rely on another civilisation more advanced than us but having found no better way to get their energy than building a massive shell around a solar system. Fusion or anti matter would be more likely.
Realistically the best option is finding planets capable of life this is being done but wont tell us if theres life just that life with our definition of requirements could exist there. We would need to send probes for more info and that would require new communication technology we cant maintain contact with a probe further away than pluto atm let alone lightyears.
Probably the best hope short term would be accidental discovery of us by a space traveling race looking to colonise planets with our type of atmosphere.
However i do think theres life on mars bacteria only and we should know in a few years an unmanned probes designed to find methane producing bacteria is on its way there and theres also an unmanned mission to europa being planned but likely anything upto 20 years away nothings been finalised.
There should be a manned mission to mars in the near future also upto 20 years at most.

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Anyone heard of the fermi

Anyone heard of the fermi paradox?

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The question you asked about

The question you asked about what sense it makes to make so many stars. Simply because God wanted to, it's His design, and He can make it how He wants to.

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Besides even if there were

Besides even if there were life on other planets which I strongly doubt, we are so close to the rapture happening that you will never find out anyway.

By the way I wonder, you still want to believe there is so much life out there but you can't even explain how life started without life.

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If you believe in the rapture

If you believe in the rapture, the nit appears you are a theist, and if so, way are you posting in an atheist site?

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The rapture? You must know

The rapture? You must know that doctrine is less than 200 years old...

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Long time no useless drivel

Long time no useless drivel chicky. Your wrong as usual:
1 your explanation is not in your book therefore not the word of god therefore irrelevant unless you want to claim you hear voices.
2 the explanation itself is specious why would an omniscient being make 300 septillion stars plus 600-1200 septillion planets knowing full well even with the impossible theoretical light-speed engine we could not reach 90% because of their distance and acceleration. Could it be the reason no ones 'talked to gawd' for hundreds of years is hes at other planets cos he got sick of the murder rape and other evil atrocities committed by christians in his name. Nah more likely because he never talked to anyone because he did not exist.
3 you could attempt to claim stars were made for decoration but then you have the problem of why did he make planets. Weve discovered 500 already. We have not been looking long and its incredibly difficult first you have to stare at stars looking for a teeny weeny wobble when the planets gravity makes it move this is not constant its at particular times in the orbit so you have to look for a damn long time or get lucky. The next step is trickier you have to wait till the planet is between its star and us then you do a spectroscopic analysis of the light and compare it to the stars normal spectroscopic analysis the differences tell you what gasses are in its atmosphere.
What am i doing you wont understand half of what i wrote so im done after this last important part.
We found a near earth planet first paragraph and link follows notice that percentage for chance of life 1 freakin hundred per friggin cent:
'Is this the new Earth? Astronomers discover planet just 20 light years away with similar atmosphere and gravity which has '100% chance of life' - and may contain water'
Now if/when we find life there are you going to claim god made the life there before or after you claimed he made life here. In genesis the mysterious unknown author couldnt decide if adam and eve were made before or after animals so claimed both.
As for that you cant say how life stared nonsense we have created artificial dna using inorganic molecules dude that proved without a doubt dna can be made. We created a bacteria from scratch the only thing we didnt crate was the cell wall but we will learn how to do that too.
Before you claim it proves life needed a designer nope just because we did in years what can happen in billions of years by purely random collisions does not prove it needed a designer only that we did it faster.
Besides we found amino acids one of the building blocks of life inside of (not outside so no contamination) meteors (a meteor is an asteroid that landed on the planet) that are thought to be left over from the creation of the solar system. Its considered a fairly good probability that meteors with amino acids started the process.
So we can claim we think we know how it happened but with no evidence or possible observations or predictions it has to be just a hypothesis
Thats the thing about science a hypothesis even if every single scientist thinks it is 100% true a hypothesis cannot become a theory without evidence or observations or predictions it must have atleast one of them and even then may not become a theory but if it had two or more it is virtually guaranteed provided its peer reviewed ofcourse. Hint thats why creationism is a mere hypothesis no evidence or observations no predictions plus no peer review. Peer review has to be by unbiased professionals (evolution has done this but creationism tried to cheat with a christian staffed science journal funded by christians) and creationism only works if your already a creationist. Unlike evolution which has a freaking crapload of all three all peer reviewed plus real world uses checkmate.

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I would love the fact that we

I would love the fact that we are not the only intellectual beings in this universe although it will be bit scary but such discovery will lead us to more knowledge.

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