Moral Nihilism

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Moral Nihilism

Is it morally wrong to have sex with multiple partners, knowing that you have a contagious venereal disease? Or is that just something really inconvenient for the other person that you kind of weighed up as like, “well not my problem”? *shrugs*

And if she, like, gets it and sends an ex boyfriend after me, should I accept that as like a moral consequence of my action? Or is “revenge” a moral concept? Cause, he’s, like, got my number and he’s threatened me a couple of times and he’s bigger than me and I want to call the cops - but will there be a moral consequence to that?

And are the police somehow, like, moral agents in the world? Or like, what is the relationship between the law and morality? What if there isn’t one? What’s that all about?

Thanks guys. Asking for a friend. No, really. I have no friends. I’m literally asking if someone will be my friend. Come over. Eat hot pockets and stuff. Thanks guys,

Your friendly neighbourhood rat,

rat spit

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Ratty!!! How ya doin'? Hey,

Ratty!!! How ya doin'? Hey, what flavor Hot Pockets do you have? And, uh, if the boyfriend shows up, will I be required to intervene, or am I allowed to just sit back and watch?

(Oh, and as far as the nihilism goes, I really don't care one way or the other. Means nothing to me.)

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Haha....Thanks for the

Haha....Thanks for the chuckles Tin Man

As for Rat Spit...are you looking for friends or bodyguard?.Friends are earned. Bodyguards are paid.

Moral Nihilism? All I know is that when you choose your actions you choose the consequences. If you're willing to accept them, then by all means go ahead and if you're not willing to accept them, then don't.

Simple example I actually do.... Am I willing to pay a fine if I get caught doing an illegal turn with my car? I answer my own question and react according to my decision each individual time. Sometimes I am ok with the fine and other times I am not and so choose to be legit. about it.

You have to decide for yourself what consequences you are willing to accept or not.

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Ratty Spit: Your a rat.

Ratty Spit: Your a rat. We don't care what the fuck you do. Worst case scenario, you infect all the rats and they all die. Woooo Hooo! More Cheese for me!!!

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@rat spit - The Evil One

@rat spit - The Evil One promotes moral nihilism as a way to undermine the Overlords authority. Shame on you, you should know that? Without moral responsibility in us the Overlord would cease to exist in any meaningful way.

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rat spit: "Is it morally

rat spit: "Is it morally wrong to have sex with multiple partners, knowing that you have a contagious venereal disease?


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@Rat Spit

@Rat Spit

"Is it morally wrong to have sex with multiple partners, knowing that you have a contagious venereal disease?"

My moral compass is directed by "well being". For my personal well being, in the short term it's no problem, my dick has needs. In the long term, if you do infect your partner, they may have friends or family who may desire to fuck you up real bad. So is a few minute's pleasure for Mr Little Rodent worth broken legs or a trip the bottom of a lake?

And I think the answer on well being for the sex partner is that it is morally wrong. You may be infecting them with (at least) a visit to the doctor and some medication. The worst case scenario is you have completely ruined their life, probably leading to a slow and painful death.

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Morality is subjective.

Morality is subjective.

If you believe an act has a great risk of causing harm and you do not inform others who are at risk of such an act, then by your standard, you are being immoral.

If you believe that violence is immoral, then no act you do justifies violence against you.

In the most free societies, the law is determined by the will of the people as far as possible.

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"Is it morally wrong to have

"Is it morally wrong to have sex with multiple partners, knowing that you have a contagious venereal disease? "

That depends, does your moral worldview care at all whether you cause others to suffer?

No, in my opinion revenge is not a moral concept, it is simply indulging your own desires without any thought for the suffering of others, much as having unprotected sex when you have an STD without warning your partner is about satisfying your own desires without any real thought for the suffering it will cause.

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Thanks for all the replies.

Thanks for all the replies. Each one had it’s own little spice to it. I am a complete moral nihilist. I only consider it wrong to, say, speed on the highway if I get caught.

I’ve always been this way. And I’m a complete liar. I don’t have an STI, or multiple partners, or a vengeful ex boyfriend.

As a youngster, I did whatever I wanted without getting caught or caring about the consequences. I stop short of hurting people, simply because I don’t want to hurt people. Now, that’s just a value I hold. It’s not a moral standard. I don’t see it as “right” or “wrong”.

There is a moral standard - The OverLord. But the only reason His will is the moral standard is that His will is incontestable.

The OverLord doesn’t have a formula for morality. He is simply the most perfected being - with the most infinite patience. But if He throws you into Hell - there’s no amount of begging that will reverse the decision.

But if there were a God instead there might be an objective moral standard. Only there isn’t. There are simply perfect beings. Like the Evil One. He gets away with whatever He likes because He only answers to the OverLord - and the OverLord appreciates the Evil One’s work - because it’s a tough job keeping humans tormented all day long.

Anyhow. Thanks for the responses. Just remember I am a liar and a skin deep rat who is only telling the truth when he is a prophet for the OverLord.

Hot pockets are pizza kind, Tin-Man. I have, like, three boxes in my deep freeze - right next to the frozen limbs and severed heads I keep as momentos from my serial killing past time.

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Rat Spit, here is a

Rat Spit, here is a hypothetical situation I would never perform.

But imagine that I encountered you, and just for the fun of it, I kicked all of your teeth out and broke one hand. The question is, from a purely moral perspective, is that act right or wrong?

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@Rat Spit Re: "Hot pockets

@Rat Spit Re: "Hot pockets are pizza kind, Tin-Man. I have, like, three boxes in my deep freeze - right next to the frozen limbs and severed heads I keep as momentos from my serial killing past time."

Mmmm... The pizza ones are good!... *rubbing belly*... Yummy... Uh, hey, Ratty, uh,not trying to criticize, but keeping food items in the freezer with severed limbs and heads does not sound very smart. Aren't you afraid the Hot Pockets or whatever other food items you might have in there will somehow mess up your mementos? Personally, I would keep my "trophies" like that in a separate freezer. Anyway, just a suggestion...

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Oh. Well. No. I fully intend

@Tin Man

Oh. Well. No. I fully intend on eating those as well *winking with one eye eerily*

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@Rat Spit Re: "I fully

@Rat Spit Re: "I fully intend on eating those as well."

Oh! Okay. Well, why didn't you just say so? I have to admit it would be a shame to let all that meat go to waste.

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Setting a "standard" of

Setting a "standard" of behaviour *IS a moral standard, that's what it means.

Hurting someone can be nuanced and does not need to be a direct action. Contributing to global warming or using plastic that polute the oceans harm others. These are actions we take just as surely as if we decide to steal an unguarded wallet.

The Overlord is a fiction you've created, sorry. You have been unable to offer any objective evidence to support this belief. Ditto the evil one, and of course he'll, which are also superstitious fictions.

"Just remember I am a liar"

I believe you, the question is why do you do it?

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Sorry Sheldon. Once again you

Sorry Sheldon. Once again you’ve fallen on rat spit’s fork! I refuse to recognize your existence for the very same reason you refuse to recognize my relationship with the OverLord - ie. what YOU hear inside your head is not a valid representation of who you are IF you will not grant me the same benefit of the doubt towards what I hear inside my head.

What I hear is as objective as any other evidence one can provide. Are you not willing to admit you exist, Sheldon? Do you not believe in that little voice inside your head? What’s with you anyway?

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The existence of the physical

The existence of the physical human brain and human thoughts exist as objectively evidenced facts.

Whereas you can demonstrate no objective evidence for the deity you're claiming causes your thoughts.

I'm not sure why you can't grasp the significance of that, but as you've been told innumerable times before look up and understand Occam's razor.

"What I hear is as objective as any other evidence one can provide"

No you it isn't don't be absurd, do you know what objective means? As you've shown repeatedly when asked to demonstrate obective evidence for your claim, you cannot . All you have offered is bare assertion, and argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacies.

So do you have any response to the comments made regarding your own thread OP?

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It has been my observation that people will always tell you the truth if you are willing to listen to them. When a person says that he is crazy he is telling the truth even if he is a known liar. That is because being a liar is a manifestation of being crazy. And remember that half of the population is nuts.

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I don’t believe there is a

I don’t believe there is a purely moral perspective on that. Nor can one call it “right” or “wrong”. You did it for fun. So, from your perspective - it was satisfying. From my perspective, it’s extremely inconvenient. And simply that. I now have no teeth and a broken hand - that is unfortunate for me.

But perhaps it was justified. You said you did it for fun. This makes you a sadist of kinds. And that completely justifies it.

From my perspective - if I did nothing to deserve it, then I am a victim. Nothing more. The world is full of victims in unfortunate situations - who will never get justice for the things done to them.

Short answer. Neither right nor wrong - and who is going to be the judge of this hypothetical “purely moral perspective”?

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If you are not a member of

If you are not a member of the "set" you are outside it. (Set - social group). Admit it or not, you end up being a member of the set of moral members. This is evidenced by the fact you have not yet been removed from the set of moral members yet. You do follow the major moral values of the society or culture that you live in. Failure to do this in any culture will land you in jail, banished or even killed. Even if you hold to the idea that there is no right or wrong, you are aware of the fact that the culture around you holds some actions to be right and others to be wrong. You may not agree, but violating these social norms will result in consequences.

The way I imagine this is that societies and cultures are like a game of chess. There are rules that must be followed. There are social mores that are generally accepted. Violate a rule and you lose the game. You end up paying a penalty. Social mores on the other hand, may be violated and considered nothing more than bad manners.

In the end, does it really matter if someone is a moral nihilist when they operate within a community of other human beings with morals? It seems to me that you either play the game or you are removed from the game. Whether or not you agree with the rules is irrelevant.

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Now we get into "what is

Now we get into "what is morality"?

If one lives alone and never contracts another person, then there is no reference point, just selfish gain. But when one lives in the company of other people, then the interactions and effects on others do matter, and then we can assign positive and negative values on those interactions.

In the previous hypothetical (and I apologize once again for just suggesting violence) scenario, if you measure my well being, it practically measures at zero. But for the victim of violence, that value when measured against your well being is a huge negative number. Basically, I did you great harm for nothing.

Who judges morality? I do for my own actions, the law for everyone. And it is basically based on how much harm one did to another.

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I can imagine circumstances where you would have been fully justified for having kicked in my teeth and broken my arm. For example, I might have killed your neighbor’s dog - who you were fond of.

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You're a rat. We need no

You're a rat. We need no justification. Just set the trap and then flush the broken body in the morning. Morality never enters into it.

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+1 on that one.

+1 on that one.

I have a set of ethics - a set of principles I live by. I simply can’t say if they are moral or not. I play by the rules, but don’t agree with them. Nor do I believe that those who enforce the rules are any better than my self at judging what constitutes “moral” versus “immoral”. I don’t believe anyone actually knows right from wrong, or good from bad - in anything other than a purely provisional sense.

Like it or not - we are all utilitarians with kinship recognition. Theists will grasp for a higher standard. But none exists.

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A bit off topic, I know ... I

A bit off topic maybe, I know ... I once read somewhere that when the Americans arrived to occupy Japan at the end of WW2 they were given strict orders not to fraternise with the local women. Within a 48 hours there were long queues outside the brothels ... which were set up by the direct orders of Emperor Hirohito himself.

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“To the victors go the spoils

“To the victors go the spoils”

- rat spit

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@ Rat Spit

@ Rat Spit

Well fuck me, a lucid, cogent post.
After the drivel on a few other threads I wondered whether I had died and gone to a particular hell reserved for the lucid.

Thanks Ratty, I shall resume normal service.

I love that last line (dons mask and creeps with good lines around corner) it is mine now.

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@Old Man

@Old Man

... and it came from me! Well, you’re welcome. Come on over and have a “hot pocket”. I think Tin Man will be there. You know where I live. In that sewer drain down by the library? The one that gets plugged up every fall?

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@Rat Spit

@Rat Spit

Heck yeah, I'll be there. Can't pass up a good Hot Pocket. Plus, to be honest, I'm sorta hoping the angry boyfriend dude will show up. Hey, cheap entertainment is still entertainment, nonetheless. Am I right?

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@ Ratspit

@ Ratspit

...and it came from me!

Not quite such a shock as one might suppose...but surprising nonetheless. For once a pleasant surprise...

What the fuck is a Hot Pocket? It sounds like one of Cogs sexual advances or practical jokes?

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@Old Man

@Old Man

A “hot pocket” is a McCain brand dough kind of thing filled with tasty cheese and bits of ham and pepperoni.

Sounds good, right? Just wait. You put it in the microwave for one minute, right? Then you take it out and have a bite.

Fuck! It’s cold inside. So you nuke it for 30 seconds and take a bite and the fucking cheese sticks to the roof of your mouth and gives you a 3rd degree burn.

Those things are notoriously hard to microwave to the right temperature. The trick is to let it cool off, you see? That’s the trick, I tell ya.

After it’s at the right temp. It’s like there’s a party in your mouth.

But yes. It does sound like a nasty sexual innuendo, indeed.


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