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1. Straight wrong on that

1. Straight wrong on that first one. First ask was 8 months prior then 4 months then 2 months then a week prior. Then the night before and the same day. But the week before and same day requests were not from the ambassador. Find and read some of the staff emails its heart breaking. One of the people who died sent and email that said they we're being watched and assuming we don't die tonight we need more security. Btw in that first link I posted it said one of the emails was in june which was 2 months prior (there was more emails besides just that example though). Do the research yourself if you aren't even gonna read my articles.

2. Hillary met with the attorney gen. Obama met with the attorney gen. immediately after endorsing her. And Bill met with the attorney gen. Separate times but they did look it up. And that part about you saying she didn't have a case is crap because straight up she breached security protocol after multiple warnings. They were just deciding how much disciplinary action was necessary. But because she is endorsed by the president nothing happened. If someone at a lower level did that and used private emails they would have at the very least been fired.

3. You are stuffed so far up your own excessively liberal ass that you refuse to go against your party just cause you label yourself a liberal then you come on here and insult me when I dare to say something against your precious party. The DNC was clearly fighting Bernie and propping up Hillary. You think that occurred without Hillary setting that up and back channeling? Look up the emails where Schultz was trying to defend Hillary and bring down Bernie.

If you you don't agree with what I have to say fine.If you simply want to correct information that you think is incorrect fine. If you have an unquenchable thirst to protect the candidate you believe in from any and all ridicule fine. But don't call me a moron and a conspiracy theorist when you clearly have an excessive biased that is almost beyond reason.

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I just want to be clear here

I just want to be clear here I'm not making a case for trump because he is just another example of human garbage. So no one else misunderstand that and give me shit. I'm not very wordy so sometimes I make passing comments with out backing them up but make no mistake I don't make statements I don't know anything about. Sometimes parts of my information may be wrong I'm not perfect but never assume I my comments have no back up.

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Clearly an excuse for not having any proof. Pathetic!

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I've given you proof you

I've given you proof you refuse to consider it.

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I've given you proof you

I've given you proof you refuse to consider it.

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1) About point one. The reason more security was not secured was because the republicans cut security funding. http://reverbpress.com/politics/gop-busted-benghazi-voted-massive-embass...
2) In those meetings with the Atty. Gen. YOU don't know what they were about. You are just saying that they were about Hillary's emails. There is no evidence that the meetings were about those emails at all. And Hillary didn't have a case criminal or otherwise about those emails, so the Justice Department didn't have any reason to HAVE meetings about those emails.
3) You don't have ANY proof what so ever that Hillary "back channeled" anything. Not 1 iota.

Finally, you haven't brought forth ANY shred of evidence to support your claims, only speculation, and conspiracy assertions. That is why I claim that you are buying into conspiracy theories.

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I'm done talking to you. You

I'm done talking to you. You don't even recognize your own bias which borders on fanaticism. I've noticed you seem to be the one on here who always screams the loudest about politics. The one who screams loudest usually has an opinion you can't change no matter how much reason you give them.

1. Hillary lied to the public multiple times about the incident and you can't deny that. She openly admitted lying. She was more concerned about minimizing damage to her reputation than getting those people out alive. Read my former links if you need proof. Im not gonna bother finding more cause you won't read em anyway.

2. No perhaps I don't have proof that the meetings where about the case but I really doubt it was not discussed. It would be pretty impossible to prove because they were closed door sessions and private meetings but hey me and my wife probably wouldn't get to visit my judge if the fbi was considering a case against me. Also multiple ex us attorney's have said there is enough already known information to indite her on at the very least mishandling of classified information. A little to damn suspicious she got no case filed at all. Laws concerning classified information are prosecution friendly. She can't say she didn't know either. When you get military clearance you have to take classes for that sort of thing. On top of that she got warnings.

3. No I don't have proof but you'd have to be the most naive person in the world to honestly believe that.

Yes I did bring forward evidence and you've changed your talking points based on that evidence so don't give me that crap. If you take a politician's word are face value(one who has been proven to lie to the public many times on top of it) you are very misguided. Even Bernie who seemed like a more stand up guy than the two running, I didn't trust everything said. He is a politician by nature of their job they have to be dishonest sometimes.

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@Jackdanel (BTW it's Jack

@Jackdanel (BTW it's Jack Daniels, not danel)
Nope, you didn't bring ANY proof that Hillary is guilty of anything. You say she lied to the public. About what and when?
I'm not naive at all. I just demand proof. You don't have any.
Hillary has faced 30 years of conservatives and their minions creating all sorts of conspiracies. None and I mean none have bore any proof whatsoever.

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A comparison between Hillary
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Psychology Today - "Trump is

Psychology Today - "Trump is Only the Symptom"
"The rise of loud, proud stupidity has reshaped American politics"

"You are more than Democrat or Republican."

"To be clear, for those who find it difficult to see over the walls of tribal politics, I stress that the problem addressed here stands apart from political philosophies.
This is about millions of Americans failing to value intelligence, critical thinking, and a rational worldview when choosing candidates to support."

"...such charges are not nearly as worrisome as Trump’s demonstrated lack of awareness and understanding of important topics."


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Psychology Today - "Trump is Only the Symptom"
"The rise of loud, proud stupidity has reshaped American politics"

Biased headline, MUCH? then again, who wants a candidate that calls half of Trump supporters "deplorable", but you must agree, and you love to read everything than confirms your opinion., Yuck, Glad you are not voting in election. The USA is based upon in informed electorate, or we get the likes of Hillary Clinton. Duh.

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I get that you get pissed by

I get that you get pissed by the Title. But, did you actually read the article?

Listen to this, and try to do it without just having a fit because others don't agree with you:
Sam Harris on Trump

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For a Trump supporter to say

For a Trump supporter to say to anyone else, "you love to read everything than confirms your opinion", is extremely thick with irony. You must be ignoring how uniformed Trump is?

There is no point in flicking poo at each other here...
There is no point in trying to make Hillary seem like a horror show...
Personally, I think the only positive effect of getting Hillary for president in the US, is for the cause of women's liberation on an international level. Apart from that, she is just the less bad choice compared to Trump.

If people are conservative or liberal is of little concern here:
The concern is that Trump is a bad candidate for any position of power, no matter what political ideology he supports.

Just to get an understanding of your actual position here: If you could switch out Trump as the republican candidate with anyone of the other who opted to run as a candidate, would you switch or would you still want Trump?

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"I think the only positive

"I think the only positive effect of getting Hillary for president in the US, is for the cause of women's liberation on an international level."

What a stupid statement!

Its as intelligent as saying "lets elect a first black president because he's black" Whatever happened to content of character? Trump has more character in his pinkie finger that Hillary has in her whole diseased and rotting animated corpse. What has she ever created, except HELL for the women whom Bill Clinton attacked? Not to mentionthe thorough media abuse, worldwide that Trump takes on behalf of the American people.

Words like conservative and liberal has lost all meaning with PC. Speech has been interrupted by the intelligensia and spoon fed to the stooges who repeat the words. Republican = evil, democrat = good. YOu get the picture.

Without Trump, America will have a rapidly diminishing future, within HIllary's first 100 days, that's for sure.I was Trump from Day 1. It was a toss up between him and Cruz until Cruz lied about Ben CArson in Iowa and did dirty tricks worthy of Hillary.

Why do you think Jeb and other repubs supported Cruz as a last ditch attempt to thwart Trump? Now George HW Bush says he voting for Hillary. Enough said. Two sides of the same corrupt paid-off coin

America is OVER IT! Its too transparent. Get you cataract surgery soon.

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@ Seeker

@ Seeker

- "What a stupid statement!"
- "Get you cataract surgery soon."

Okay, I see you didn't understand my metaphor about not flicking poo...

- "Its as intelligent as saying "lets elect a first black president because he's black""

You are so against what I'm saying that you interpret it as you want before even reading it.
I was trying to say that she should not be president. Not the other way around.

- "Whatever happened to content of character?"

I see you did not read the article, nor listen to the talk Sam Harris gave. Who is it that is selecting only what he wants to hear, hmm?

- "...within HIllary's first 100 days, that's for sure."

Well it's obvious that your mind is closed. You have already decided what the future will be.

- "It was a toss up between him and Cruz until Cruz lied about Ben CArson in Iowa and did dirty tricks worthy of Hillary."

Okay, so then I know your actual position on republican politics: You don't really care. What matters to you is not if the candidate is competent, but personal "character".
And you thought Cruz was an equal until he lied about Ben Carson in... Wait, what?!!!

Trump has been caught lying several times per speech, on multiple occasions. So why did one lie about Ben Carson sway your mind towards Trump?!

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Who caught Trump lying

Who caught Trump lying several times per speech? Which speech? What were the lies? People lie about Trump daily. Like Alicia Machado, MS Venezuela who said Trump called her Miss Piggy and a maid? Nothing on tape. Just the words of a dubious woman, do you want links to her character like threatening a judge, accomplice to a murder (driving the getaway car) and her having sex on camera during a reality tv show in Spain. I can give u link with video and translation. Not to mention how she just miraculously received US citizenship so she can vote for Hillary. And all her interviews with Cosmo, etc. were set up before the 1st debate, so Hillary knew exactly what she was doing in the last 5 minutes where she flung poop-lies. Trump will nail the witch the next debate.

From Psychology Today article "
Ben Carson, and other such anti-science and less-than-worldly candidates achieved national political prominence in recent years" . Yep. a world renowned pediatric brain surgeon is anti-science and less-than-worldly" DO YOU SEE the BIAS and pure ugliness of that statement? If you think garbage smells like roses, there is not much I can say..

Character matters. Honesty matters. Integrity matters. Ability matters. The president is CEO of America. We need to run America like a corporation. The Federal government has delineated responsibilities. like provide for the common defense, infrastructure, etc. Trump has experience in spades. The only candidate who IS qualified to rebuild America, cause we've been under attack from the FEderal Govt for the last 50 years +.

Unelected regulators from for example the EPA, who write laws, which is for the US Congress to do, are for the Third World and the EU. And Hillary praised Merkel. How's that working out for Germany?

Cruz stole votes http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/ted-cruzs-iowa-mailers-are-more-...


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@ Seeker

@ Seeker

I'm going to start collecting a list of Trump lies, and the corresponding evidence. Sorting out the half-lies and biased reports. I'll post it later.

However, a couple of funny things about your previous post:

First, when asking for something to back up my claims about Trump lying, you immediately added "People lie about Trump daily". This indicates that you will simply say that any sources I give are lying, no matter how credible. Thanks for the open minded and honest discussion.

Second, as soon as I mentioned that Trump lies, you cry out for proof. I don't hear you screaming for any evidence against Hillary. Do you give the same level of scrutiny towards Her?
I don't think you require it. You have obviously already set your mind and decided that you hate her and like Trump, based on shallow values.
Your level of judgement shows clearly that "informed electorate" you are not, just a hater who is judging people based only on your feelings: "...in her whole diseased and rotting animated corpse."

In the meantime, here is one of his best lies yet:

"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive"

Then, Trump denying it, live:

[Edited for clarification]


Attach Image/Video?: 

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Donald should have hit

Donald should have hit Hitlery harder. The superpower of clean energy. What a ruse. Solyndra much? And I would not be surprised if the Chinese supported our "global warmers...oops climate changers" because they win when we deindustralize America, kill coal (which the Chinese use more than anybody, etc.)

I remember in the 1970's when the politicians were pushing "global cooling". With scrubber technology, coal can be rather "clean", but are the Chinese paying for scrubbers in their coal plants?

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@ Seeker

@ Seeker

Again, you don't seem to understand: I'm not defending Hillary.

I'm just saying that Trump is even worse. You just haven't realised it, because you're blinded by anger and hate.

It's quite clear that you're mind is stuck in the cliché of the hate spewing, right wing Christians. You avoid answering and instead just make infantile personal attacks on the opposition. "Hitlery"? I suppose that incredibly clever wordplay makes you feel good about yourself?

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I an NOT a Christian. "Turn

I an NOT a Christian. "Turn the other cheek" was to turn people into sheep. Constantine blanked with the people, who were merely following the "teachings of the prophet" , like cleanliness laws, and created an imperalistic state religion. This communist pope will kill that once and for all and good riddance and onto common sense.

Trump has the entire media establishment and political establishment against him. George HW Bush endorsed Hillary.Romney went ballistic.

If you can't see that reality and are caught in pigeonholed anachronisms to demonize the good and for whatever reason support the crooks and criminals.

Despite all the lying polls and the entire political class of Great Britain and the EU, the British people voted for Brexit.
This is the same thing in America.

Hitlery is a monster. Ask all the women's lives she ruined that Bill diddled with (putting it nicely). She looks down on the people and acts and is treated like she is above the law. She blatantly and disgustingly panders.

"What difference does it make?"

A HUUUGGEE difference. Really.

If you can't tell the difference between a good and honest man (who actually builds things and has the best endorsements from THE PEOPLE, like police, border guards, you name it) like Donald Trump (do I hear incoming?) and an evil conniving witch who sells out anybody for money , this is very very SAD. I guarentee you, not too many Haitians in Florida will vote for Hillary. The Clinton Foundaton screwed the Haitian people after the huge storm, and screwed them with OUR money she stole and "redistributed" to her friends. Nothing much was rebuilt, and not where it was needed. People are still living in tents years afterward.

Trump didn't have to rebuild the Wollman skating rink in NYC. He was sick and tired of the millions spent, it never getting done, and wanted families to be able to ice skate. Trump has the endorsements of THE PEOPLE, like parents of children killed by illegal immigrants and gang crime, most of the military, every clear thinking friend I have.

Unfortunately, I know too many people who are bamboozled. In my own family and circle. Its disgusting.

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I can't decide if your

I can't decide if your trolling or if you are Donald Trump...

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You don't have a college degree, do you.
You saying that you are part of an informed electorate is comical.

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You saying you are a James

You saying you are a James Madison Federalist and by not supporting Trump (don't know what u think of Hitlery) who wants to take away the 2nd amendment (don't kid yourself), and turn us into one of the hell holes you may have defended America in is beyond comprehension. Most vets support Trump, unless they are like Ret. Rear Admiral Kirby who was a shill for Obama and Hillary and now is a State Dept. Spokesman.

You're a regular brain surgeon mykob4. I bet you could give that turncoat-idiot Dr. Ben Carson a run for his money, genius. Do you get paid for your ignorance or have you always been loopy?

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Hillary Clinton has a long record of supporting Vets.


You obviously don't know the 2nd Amendment. Here is a refresher course for you.

The most important part of it is that we have a right to bare arms as part of a "well regulated militia." That was the intent because there is nothing in the Constitution to fund or maintain a standing Army.
That being said, Hillary has not ever advocated getting rid of the 2nd Amendment. That is an out right LIE by you and others.


It is NOT "Hitlery" , Her name is Hillary. She isn't in any way shape or form comparable to Hitler. Now Trump is very comparable to Hitler as he is a demagogue, a racist, and a megalomaniac.



It is obvious to the most casual observer that you don't know what you are talking about, and just like a typical Trump supporter you have resorted to insults.

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Maybe "Diamond and Silk" can

Maybe "Diamond and Silk" can help explain in this 1:28 video, their take on the last debate. But then, you might consider them "uneducated black people who walked off the plantation"


Here is Crooked Hitlery from the Democratic Convention: "“I’m not here to repeal the Second Amendment, I’m not here to take away your guns. I just don’t want you to be shot by someone who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.”

Who decides? Any INFORMED citizen could drive a truck through that statement as wide as Hitlery's soggy waste evacuation bag she wears under her Mao pant suits. The 2nd amendment is to also keep an unaccountable Federal gov't in check.

Your "reputable sources" like the Wash Post have been bought by Jeff Bezos who assigned a team of 20 reporters to go after Trump, Salon is more biased than an atheist who hates the thought of a creator and Arianna Huffington was a Republican before she became a Democrat. Remember her marriage to the gay multi-millionaire? She's an opportunist who peddles trash to rubes. Overeducated self-righteous idiots who play into the enemy's hands. Lenin called them "useful idiots"

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Oh for cryin' out loud, what a stupid video. They start off by saying that Hillary said "Hilliary start off lying by saying that Trump's dad gave him 14 BILLION dollars"
Two drunk uneducated idiots make a youtube video and yu offer THAT as PROOF? Come on, that is just stupid. And you call ME ignorant.
Let's address this statement by you.
"2nd amendment is to also keep an unaccountable Federal gov't in check." WRONG! That is NOT what the 2nd is for. The government has checks and balances built into it. You are obviously mixing up the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence.
Again a refresher for your uneducated ass.

The Declaration of Independence

2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution
Nowhere in either document does it state that the right to bare arms is to as you said, "2nd amendment is to also keep an unaccountable Federal gov't in check."

As for the rest of your raving rant, it is just ignorance personified.

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"Implicit in the debate between Federalists and Anti-Federalists were two shared assumptions. First, that the proposed new Constitution gave the federal government almost total legal authority over the army and militia. Second, that the federal government should not have any authority at all to di sarm the citizenry. They disagreed only about whether an armed populace could adequately deter federal oppression."

Hitlery is the poster-miscreant of Federal Oppression and Political Correctness which is tyranny so one can't criticize "authority". What did American colonists do against a tyranical unaccountable government? You must be a Tory.

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It's Hillary not "hitlery"!
Prove your statement "Hitlery is the poster-miscreant of Federal Oppression and Political Correctness which is tyranny so one can't criticize "authority". Just how has Hillary suborned federal oppression? Political Correctness is just civil respect and nothing more. To demonize RESPECT is just childish and stupid.
Next, you just don't get it. The right to bear arms hinges solely on a WELL REGULATED MILITIA!
Federalist Papers #29 explains that implicitly.
And BTW, no one can be "overeducated."
I cannot be a Tory as I am a full blooded patriot of the USA and the Constitution. A Tory is someone that sympathizes with the King George III rule.

Federalist Papers #29 and the explanation of it.


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Sure. I respect BLM. I respect Obama's Islamic appeasement and his contempt for Americans. I respect Hitlery's assassination (on her watch) of the Gay Libyan ambassador as "he knew too much" As Malcolm X said "you've been bamboozled."


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