President Rump, Stormy Daniels, and the Religious Right

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President Rump, Stormy Daniels, and the Religious Right

I listened recently to an interview with a pastor and evangelical leader [a.k.a. a right wing nut sack] talking about the Idiot in Chief, his affair with Stormy Daniels, and of course the $130,000 payoff. Here is what the good pastor had to say:

1. This affair happened years and year ago [sure, but it demonstrates his character - or lack of character]
2. President Rump is our president, not our pastor [true, but he is the leader and we expect and deserve better]
3. We didn't elect him for his morality [ No Shit Sherlock]
4. God (or christ or jeebus - honestly I don't remember) has forgiven him [How the fuck would you know that?]
5. Rump is not the same man today as he was 9 years ago [No, he is worse]

What hypocrisy!!! Just like the fact that 49.9 percent of the people of Alabama voted for Roy Moore, when it comes to right wing theist nutsacks, they will literally believe any bullshit they hear as long as the person talking to them wraps themselves in the flag and the holy babble and pretends to be a christian or pretends to believe what they believe. This goes for the president, faux news, their pastors and other theists

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I totally agree, MCD!

I totally agree, MCD!
Not only have repukes and conservaturds put party before the good of the nation and the rule of law, but the religious right are complicit in ignoring MORALITY for their political aims.
This is a nation of laws, not men, and that means following an ethical code of honor as well as obeying defending protecting the U.S. Constitution.
The president has a duty to set an example of behavior that goes far beyond just wiggling out of things that he has been caught in. The repukes were all for destroying President Clinton over his moral failures. Now they want to ignore the lack of a moral compass by this self-indulgent self-entitled spoiled brat Trump to the point that they will usurp the rule of law just for their political aims (which are destroying this nation)!

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