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Ahhhh.... *briskly rubbing

Ahhhh.... *briskly rubbing palms of hands together*... Since Mr. Grin was nice enough to do some background research into our divinely debonair disciple, let us delve into this gold mine and see what priceless nuggets we can find....

Let's seeeee.... Oh, here's a nice one. International model, huh? AND he has his own fashion accessory merchandising business? Well, that certainly does explain a few things.... *lightbulb flickering over head*... Hey! Maybe I should contact him and offer to write advertising and promotional slogans for him! Let's seee... How about this: "When you groom for God, greater gifts are granted." (Bear with me, please. Just getting warmed up here...) Uh, "Your runway to heaven will shine if you wear my latest fashion design!"... *admiring slogans*... Hey, I'm getting pretty good at this.... *smiling proudly*... Enough for now, though. Maybe more later. What else we got....

Ah. He studied Psychology, huh. Yep, I thought some of his moves, speech patterns, and mannerisms looked familiar. Add that to those mesmerizing eyes, sculpted chin, and that calmly authoritative voice... *dreamy sigh*.... *staring distantly*.... *eyes blinking rapidly*... Huh? What?... Uh, where was I?... Er-uh, so, anyway, uh, yeah, he's uh, you know, he's kinda okay at talking.... sorta.... *checking watch*... Oh, wow! Look at the time! Gotta go!... *quickly exiting room*...

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"Be a shining beacon of godly

"Be a shining beacon of godly beauty and make all your friends jealous with my patented Holier-Than-Thou Hair Highlighting Gel. Make people exclaim, 'Oh, my god!'... And then chastise them for taking the Lord's name in vain."

(Side note: I am soooo tempted to start posting some of these in his video comments... *snicker*...)

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Whilst in Italy, I came across what can only described as a Poe.

If was off season, so not many tourists around. In the Vatican, where the Sistine chapel ceiling had just been cleaned. We were allowed to lie on the floor and soak it in, for half an hour. A sublime experience.

As one leaves the Sistine chapel there is this large souvenir shop, just outside, run by nuns. They sell the tackiest, hideously expensive religious souvenirs you can imagine. Included are genuine PAPAL BLESSINGS. Anyone thinking the Catholic church has become less greedy and corrupt in recent centuries need only visit that distasteful place.

BUT, the Anglicans can be worse. Last time I was in England, they were charging 5 pounds to enter Westminster Abbey. My hostess told me they were not allowed to charge for attending a religious ceremony. So we went back another day at Evensong ,

---still hard to beat the medieval sale of indulgences,

One of the more notorious sellers of indulgences was Johann Tetzel, who apparently actually used this jingle'; "As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs"

The sale of indulgences I think began with the first Borgia Pope , Rodrigo Borgia , in the fifteenth century. It was one of the many corruptions Martin Luther used to kick off the Protestant reformation around 100 years later.

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Yay!... *clapping happily*...

Yay!... *clapping happily*... Thanks, Nyar!

And thank you , Grin, for adding your research!... *thumbs up*...

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So we can add superstition to

So we can add superstition to the list of words theists seem to have their own definition for then?

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...Sheldon... “we” should get

...Sheldon... “we” should get “them” to publish a dictionary for “their” word meanings (it’ll keep them busy even more so arguing between themselves about what was “meant”)

True believers btw have their own language within their religion (degree depends on if it crosses the line into cult). JW “conversation” amongst JW would leave you in the dark - just like Scientology or Mormon or whatever. “Language” is their key to “unity” and identifying outsiders.

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Or get theists to use words as they're intended, but yes I see your point, that's trying to square the round peg of religion again. Which theists was it that claimed atheists are "cagey" about the definition of atheism, that made me laugh. The same poster claiming he was going to present a thesis on the meaning of agnosticism, as if we can't just Google it's meaning.

"“Language” is their key to “unity” and identifying outsiders."

Yeah, I visited a prayer group with a friend of mine years ago, you're precisely right. They were a nice bunch, at least prima facie, but I didn't present them with much in the way of debate, so who knows how they'd have reacted, or what pertinacious beliefs they held as part of their religion. I do know they doubted the validity of evolution.


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