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I thought you were serious

I thought you were serious until I read the "jk". That is more or less the caliber of formal "proofs" we tend to get here from theists.

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You joke about god existing?

You joke about god existing? Does that mean you have no objective evidence that your god is real?

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Atheists always discussing

Atheists always discussing 'god'.... I wonder why?

Doesn't take a rocket scientist does it?!

As for them getting angry on here, why the hell not considering you invisible wizard loving muppets come on here, spout some unsubstantiated bollocks and refuse to answer questions and weasel out at every possible opportunity.

How can you possibly be taken seriously when you can't hold an intellectually honest conversation, misrepresent people and genuinely talk the most utter, utter bollocks.

And don't even get me started on how 'Nice' Christians are, bunch of backwards weirdos...

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This is fucking bullshit.

This is fucking bullshit. Look. I don’t care whether you believe in God or not. It doesn’t matter to Him, And it certainly doesn’t matter to me. But the biggest frustration here is that 100% of you have ZERO accurate understanding. Even with 30 years in the hills searching, you’re clearly too daft to hit the fucking point. I thought I’d get some good arguments from those who claim be be most knowledgeable, but the truth is, it seems, that atheists are as simple minded as the worst of Christians. Your self righteous pseudoscientific oriented nuggets seeemilgly have no apt for the philosophical. I thought you guys, of all people, were as smart as you claimed. All I find is dense, repeated rhetoric that honestly has no worth in a discussion. THIS is why we can’t come to agreement. Not because the Christian doesn’t budge. Because the atheist is so convinced they have the answers and the scientific method is life, that anything else is ignorant. I have something to say. I feel sorry for you. Next question please.

Edit: drunk. But honest.

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DoesAtheismEven... - ...100%

DoesAtheismEven... - ...100% of you have ZERO accurate understanding...I thought I’d get some good arguments from those who claim be be most knowledgeable...I thought you guys, of all people, were as smart as you claimed.

I don't think AR has ever made those claims.

DoesAtheismEven... - Because the atheist is so convinced they have the answers...

The one who seems to claim they have all the answers is you. I might be wrong, god might exist, someday there might be something to convince me. However, you told us:

DoesAtheismEven... - ...I have to admit that I will never leave Christianity...

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You’re starting to look like

You’re starting to look like a CNN factsheet.

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What is wrong with a CNN fact

What is wrong with a CNN fact sheet?

Do you think CNN only tells lies, and people that watch/read their stuff are gullible people lapping up their lies?



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lol kinda. But to be fair, so

lol kinda. But to be fair, so does Fox. and just about every other news outlet.

wait a second...I see what you did there....*under breath* "fuck"

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And there we can call an end to your Humblebrag in your previous posts, obviously Bourbon hits the "fucking arrogant boofhead " button and the pretence that cloaks your everyday falls away.

Apart from your faux humility you have brought nothing, repeat nothing to the table that has not been chewed to death here. The responses you have received, as I warned you, in your first uber arrogant thread was that you get the respect you deserve and the intellectual response AT YOUR LEVEL.

You seem to think as a keyboard 'warrior for christ' that you can hide your true nature. You can not. Re read your posts and you will see each one leaks the opposite of your avowed purpose. There is a word for that; liar.
Like nearly every theist that dimwittedly starts conversations they think are original, they quickly discover they are not.

You hold your conversion to Orthodoxy and sing its praises, without, I suspect true study of its origins and why is is as schismed as every other facet of christianity.

Now you start a drunken rant with even more insults and braggadacio. There is a word for that: pathetic.

If you have something worthwhile to say about your religion or ask an atheist on these forums, do it. Do it respectfully and play fucking nice.

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Well said. And all but true.

Well said. And all but true. I drink too much but that doesn’t make me a liar.

And even while drunk I can still say with honesty, as you cannot, that I have a better grasp on humanity than yourself.

The fact that I make an emotional response out of frustration to a faux argument by your beloved cognostic does not disprove any validity of Christianity. If you would be so quick to argue that then you obviously have no basis on which to stand.

You say I offer nothing new to the dialogue, but I disagree. I am disgruntled by the mere fact that everyone here is using false logic to undermine my arguments. I am not offended, but it is frustrating that we can’t get past a single point. And for any of you to pretend that you are having open dialogue is a fucking joke. Just as much as an absolute Christian. At least admit that to the world and we’ll be on our way.

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DAE, you wrote, “I am

DAE, you wrote, “I am disgruntled by the mere fact that everyone here is using false logic to undermine my arguments.”

Please demonstrate that EVERYONE here is using false logic. You can do so by providing an example for every poster who has participated in your OPs and indicate which rule of logic is broken for each of the quotes you’ve chosen.

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Well said. And all but true. I drink too much but that doesn’t make me a liar.

No, it doesn't, your false humility cloaking your real reactions/purpose does. That is what I said in a couple of posts.

does not disprove any validity of Christianity.

What validity of christianity? See my post on another thread addressed to you.

You say I offer nothing new to the dialogue, but I disagree. I am disgruntled by the mere fact that everyone here is using false logic to undermine my arguments

No, so far you have offered nothing that I have not seen dozens of times on these threads and in person.

Examples of "false logic"? Some examples would be good so that we can at least demonstrate your error.

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Say one true thing about

Say one true thing about Christianity that you think Atheists don't get. As a previous born again Christian and not the only one on the site.... I assure you, you are wrong. So, Let's hear it. One thing atheists are getting wrong about Christianity. Just One.

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Christianity is a religion of

Christianity is a religion of peace.

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DoesAtheismEven... -

DoesAtheismEven... - Christianity is a religion of peace.

On paper, maybe. Not in practice. You know, kind of like Islam.

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False. Completely different.

False. Completely different.

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Well I assure you, that is

Well I assure you, that is how many of us see it. You wanted to know about "atheists these days", there you go.

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There is no tangible

There is no tangible difference in the religions, just cultural influences. Christianity has been neutered by the industrial revolution and the resulting long steady process towards democracy.

As Christopher Hitchens put it...

"Many religions now come before us with ingratiating smirks and outspread hands, like an unctuous merchant in a bazaar. They offer consolation and solidarity and uplift, competing as they do in a marketplace. But we have a right to remember how barbarically they behaved when they were strong and were making an offer that people could not refuse.”"

You can espouse all the lovey dovey new age wishy washy christian sentimentalism you want, it won't extirpate centuries of murder, rape, ethnic cleansing, slavery and barbaric cruelty that christianity has unleashed on the world. Or change the barbaric sadistic and cruel nature of the biblical deity you worship.

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Prove it. You have a god

Prove it. You have a god that butchers 25 million innocent people. Your god creates a hell where he will send anyone who does not believe in him (The only unforgivable sin); however, if you are a rapist, a murderer, a child molester, and a torturer of animals you can get forgiven and go to heaven. Where in the fk is the peace in that? Your religion invented hell. It did not exist in the Jewish faith. Your religion invented eternal torture for disbelief in god. Your religion frees criminals of all responsibility for their actions. Where is this peace you speak of. Jesus himself said that he did not come to bring peace but a sword. Jesus himself said he had not come to change the law but to fulfill it. Jesus himself said you must hate your mother, father, sister. brother, aunts and uncles to be a follower. Jesus himself makes a whip and beats people in the market while destroying their livelihoods. Jesus himself warns you not to cast pearls of wisdom before swine. If this if your wisdom and if this is your peace..... YOU CAN KEEP IT.

Pretending your heinous beliefs are peaceful, does not make them so. OPEN YOUR EYES/

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Christianity is a religion of peace.

Bullshit. Over 1500 years of pogroms, internecine warfare, genocides......no the RELIGION is not "one of peace" only a drunk or a fool would dare utter that load of bollocks.

Your alleged messiah figure may or may not have preached and practiced "peace" ( and this is arguable) but the owners of the sheeple that make up religion sure as fuck don't. Dont fucking lie on these boards you will quickly be called out.

(edit to add topic)

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@ DoesAtheismEvenMakeSense:

@ DoesAtheismEvenMakeSense: "Christianity is a religion of peace."

Then why is the ultimate premise of Christianity, and Islam, “You are to live in peace, love, and brotherhood, but only with those of like minds (beliefs system). All others are to be put to the sword (killed).”

Christianity and Islam are exclusive religions. Us versus Them.


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Re: "Christianity is a

Re: "Christianity is a religion of peace."

...*choking*.... *cough-cough-cough-cough*..... *face turning red*... *wheezing trying to catch breath*....*cough-cough-cough*.... *hands to throat*....*fact turning purple*.... *cough-cough-cough*..... *using palm of hand to pound chest*.... *wheezing weakly*.... help.... *cough-cough-cough*......

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@ Tin-Man

@ Tin-Man

***tree hurriedly rumbles from the forest, places branch near nose and mouth***

Just breath brother, just breath.


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"Christianity is a religion

"Christianity is a religion of peace."

Tell that to the Amalakites. Or to the Africans sold into slavery by rich Christian southern plantation owners, or the millions who slaughtered each other during the first world war, or the victims of the holocaust, or the victimsof the inquisition, or the thousands of children raped by Catholic priests, or the Catholics and protestants in Ireland and the UK who've murdered each other for centuries. Or how ahout the thirty year war.

No religion has more blood spilled in its name and by its adherents than christianity, both real and biblical.

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@DoesAtheismEven...Christianity is a religion of peace.

Nah. It's a religion of piss. I think churches contain more alcoholics per square meter than any other institution expect perhaps parliaments. Priests swig altar wine, while vicars hammer the sherry and brandy, and evangelists stuff interesting chemicals up their noses.

But tell me, do you need to be drunk or stoned to dull your critical faculties enough to swallow Christianity's amazing bullshit?

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Wow, I have credited a 1000

Wow, I have credited a 1000 agrees to your account sir, take this one as marker. Kudos for that...

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Re: DoesAtheismEven's...

Re: DoesAtheismEven's... "This is fucking bullshit" rant

Well now, THAT escalated quickly... *puzzled look*.... What the hell, guys???.... *hands on hips*... I go away for just a few hours and you end up breaking ANOTHER theist?!?... *gesturing toward DAEMS*... THIS is why we can't have nice things! When are you bunch of Neanderthal hellions ever gonna learn how to play with your toys without breaking them?... *throwing hands up in exasperation*.... *calming down a bit*.... Okay, in all honesty, I admit part of my frustration is because I didn't get to play with him much... (you bunch of selfish bastards). Still, in all fairness, he did seem rather fragile. Certainly didn't take long to break through that thin candy shell, did it? And from the looks of it, the inside filling appears to be rather icky.... *sniff*... *scrunching up nose*... But, hey, at least he DOES have a fabulous excuse...


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@ TM

@ TM

*hangs head and avoids eyes* didn't mean to break it, just wanted to see what was inside...eeeewwwwww...a quivering morass of uncertainty and half digested second hand stuff, It smelt horrible. I tried to stuff it back in but it just kept leaking. Sorry Tin Man. I'll go stand in the corner. *whispers to Cog* "see I didn't dob you in, or Ararakish"
@ Cog hey try some araldite for that hole where its brain should be, gotta fill it up something solid. Maybe tape some critical thinking to it hey...

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DoesAtheismEvenMakeSense: "Edit: drunk. But honest."

Agree. However, I am also honest in how I see religion. You cannot even begin to understand the nightmares I have at the hands of Christianity when have been under their yoke. I have been fired from three jobs simply due to being an atheist. I even won two settlements from those companies. Remember, to publicly denigrate an atheist, especially in a place of employment is violating the First Amendment.

"I thought I’d get some good arguments from those who claim be be most knowledgeable, but the truth is, it seems, that atheists are as simple minded as the worst of Christians."

I am the first to admit I am as dumb as anybody else. However, in my years of research in the Levant and beyond, I have found absolutely no evidence or any reason to believe any deity exists. I have said this in many other threads, “Even if your deity exists outside this universe in a timeless and spaceless realm, if your deity deems to affect this universe, then there shall be evidence. Where is that evidence?”

I shall never attempt to turn you away from your own beliefs due to my Fourth Commandment of Humanity: “You shall respect the right of ALL persons to believe whatsoever they wish to believe; even if contradictory to your beliefs. You may discuss beliefs; however, forcing your beliefs onto others is condemnable.” Notice this says I respect your RIGHT to believe whatever you wish to believe. However, it does not say I have to respect your beliefs themself.

Utilizing critical thinking, logical and deductive reasoning, and rational and analytical thought, I cannot see any good of religion. As said, if you are truly read the Bible utilizing those mental faculties, you can only see that we are to obey. We are to never think for ourselves. We are to never have any other knowledge other than what is in that obsolete, irrelevant, barbaric, savage, and unsubstantiated, immoral Bronze and Iron Age religious text. The main problem is not religious fundamentalism, but the fundamentals of religion. Religion’s loose version of “morality,” has NO place in a civilized society.

I guess we shall just agree to disagree. However, we can still have a civil discussion. I never get drunk and post on these forums. I may get high on some ales, but never drunk.



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