What is the best atheists' argument against God existing?

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Ok ok

Ok ok
His father was impressed!
Look what he became and he sure didn’t change his name back did he?

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@Brad: didn’t change his name

@Brad: didn’t change his name back did he?

So the leader of the American black civil rights movement commemorated in his own name one of the greatest anti-semites in history, while preaching in the name of a Jew. I wonder what Sammy Davis Jr thought about that.

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Brad at least read my post

Brad at least read my post about the prophecies. You obviously did not because for the second time you asked questions which I answered after the first time. Thanks, not that I think it will make much difference.

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He's preached non-stop for a

He's preached non-stop for a while, but clearly has no real interest in objectively examining his claims or beliefs. Why he feels this is the place for a sermon isn't clear. A lot of theists just love to preach.


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