Who was God?

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I think it's a California

I think it's a California thing then.... I had a similar flight from San Francisco to Vegas. I got lost while standing in a line waiting to board the frigging plane.,

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@Cognostic: I got lost while

@Cognostic: I got lost while standing

They put us on a bus and drove us all around LAX until they found an empty plane. Then they went off to find some engines and a pilot. It was a truly biblical fuck-up. I haven't been back to America since.

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LOL - Air America.

LOL - Air America.

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Zion … The Night Sky

Zion … The Night Sky (specifically the Milky Way)
Yah … an Egyptian Moon God.

The people who built the Pyramid at Giza knew the Earth was a sphere and had calculated its size to an accuracy comparable to modern-day scientific measurements.

There have been reports of savants who always know what the time is ...to the second … because, as children, they listened to the speaking clock over the phone.

I know this to be true because I met someone who could do this …

Picture a mind-state in which one can remember, precisely, the details of the night sky, at any point in time during one's life.

The people who remember every second of their life - Total recall


Combine this with a top-class mathematical ability … and an ability to remember everything that they've thought throughout their life.

There was a famous early 20th century scientist who claimed he could remember every word of every book he'd ever read … and he'd read an awful lot of books.

I'll make a statement here:

Language evolved from the ability to count.

Some people could count, and do complex calculations (in their head), before language evolved beyond mere communication.

This girl … who is a friend of mine … is able to remember the scripts of all the characters in a full-length film … as she watches it.




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