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It is for each individual to

It is for each individual to decide for themselves in what ways, if any, they tackle persecution, abuse etc.. If you know of instances of sexual abuse of children, I suggest you report it the authorities if it is safe to do so.

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I have been labelled an

I have been labelled an atheist, But consider myself a naturalist.

But I'm happy with either.

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I gave you credit Mrs. Paul

I gave you credit Mrs. Paul Owczarek when you first came here. Now I take it back. The information you seek could be of no real interest to you. There is no reason to seek such information because it would be highly inaccurate overall. So yes you might have a mission. You definitely have an agenda. You don't need the support of atheists for your agenda. I suggest that you move on since I can't tell you to leave. Be assured that atheists are a diverse group and the only thing that we have in common is that we don't believe in any god. That being said we discuss issues that any group would discuss and the opinions are just as varied.
There are better ways of doing things. You seem very inexperience in going about what you think is a good cause. If I wanted to expose and generate interest in abolishing legalized pedophilia as you call it, I can think of better ways of doing it than first smhoozing a few atheists to help you. Why don't you seek out a support group that is already involved in such a task. There are plenty. Here's just ONE reference:


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Thank you for the link. I

Thank you for the link. I can add it to the list of others that I have been contacting. I have been actively searching. The groups I have been finding do not have chapters in my area. I would be a chapter of one. I joined a local organization that is as close as possible.

Your group popped up somehow as part of the internet search looking for anti pedophile groups and, as I said, the name intrigued me. I found some of the topics interesting and joined.

Kudos to the designers. This site is very well organized and very efficient.

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I see you have a prepared

I see you have a prepared exit strategy. I have counted two definites.

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MrsP has stated her agenda

MrsP has stated her agenda was to fight pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church.

Which begs the question why she is in an atheist forum. IMO that is like discussing ice hockey in an NFL forum.

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You say: "The religious

You say: "The religious surveys even say so, If you ask most 'religious' people about their faith, they are clue less. The most religiously informed group is the atheists."

If I may, (1) please present recent religious surveys on most 'religious' people are clue less about their faith, (2) and tell me on what information in re religious matters atheists are the most religious informed group.

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Okay wise guy Dejess When was

Okay wise guy Dejess When was the first bible written?

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Look no further than our list



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