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First of all, beautiful site,

First of all, beautiful site, very inviting and organized. I would like to see, as was mentioned, more functionality similar to other formats. BB Code, or even HTML. Signatures, linking with title text, video and image.

I would also like to see a forum for Bible discussion since I see religion as the problem for atheists and this is in contrast with the Bible. Of course this is an atheist forum so that may depend upon interest on their part.

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Hello. I have only been here

Hello. I have only been here a short time and I need a little help. I tried to upload a profile picture to my account and when I post comments it shows up but when I go over to my account it doesn't. Does anyone have any ideas how I fix this?? Thank you for your time. Best of wishes.

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Well I'm not sure how it was

Well I'm not sure how it was fixed by my profile picture shows up now. Thank you for your help and time. Best of wishes.

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I think the forums have some

I think the forums have some serious problems with cookies. I've seen the same problem Chey had with his avatar with posts. Some show up in some places while not other places, then disappear, etc.

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I was not sure what the

I was not sure what the problem was I had tried to upload a photo a few times before and the same thing happens but then when I asked about it the problem fixed itself. So you may very well be right that there is something wrong with their cookies.

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Unless I'm mistaken, Zaphod

Unless I'm mistaken, Zaphod had a similar problem. I've noticed it with the posts. Especially when you compare the listing on the Forums page vs. the Debate Room page or others themselves. It lags behind, then it will jump ahead. I'm new here too, by the way, but welcome to the forum.

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At first to me honest I

At first to me honest I figured I was just doing something wrong and that was the reason it was not working. That's the reason when I finally found this post about feedback I decided it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone else was having the same problem or knew a way to help me figure out if I was doing something wrong. Thank you for the welcome.welcome to you as well. Though I am new here I find this site to be enlightening and comforting. I'm appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post and welcoming me to the site. Best of wishes Pathway.

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How about the ability to

How about the ability to private message people?

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Yeah that would be cool! but

Yeah that would be cool! but better if you could accept or decline PMs

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I think it would be excellent

I think it would be excellent if I could close down or collapse comments or even freely decide to block certain people from my view. I would really like to be able to toggle between seeing and not seeing comments from certain posters as sometimes it would be easier to read through the forums but then other times I would like to see what those posters are saying.

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Sire being spammed by

Sire being spammed by Breitling 88

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I am having difficulty with

I am having difficulty with the edit functionality of the site again where if I go to edit a post instead of being able to edit it I am sent to the forum see all page of the section of the forums I am in. Some times it work sometimes it doesn't Is there a reason for this perhaps a limit to edits or a browser functionality issue? Is there any way to permanently fix this?

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Hi all, thank you for posting

Hi all, thank you for posting the errors you encounter on the site. Our team is currently working on fixing the errors on the site and we'll give you guys feedback once everything is fixed :)

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OH! You should add an arcade

OH! You should add an arcade so Atheists can, online & peacefully, engage those religious folks in Virtual Combat To The VicTORy.

If you want moi to whip Satan & God Lovers, DO add pinball games.
Check the pinball champs @ RetroMundi.
See? Most be me.

Methinks Athests vs Christians, etc., would be a BIG HIT!

Stay on groovin' safari,

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I'll add: a) A mobile app.

I'll add: a) A mobile app. b) Tag everything. At least the topics of the forum should have tags. c) Would it be possible to directly refer to a Resource item (listed here) inside posts so you dont have to leave the site? d) Now it's possible its only me but while the placement of timestamp, avatar etc. are all great something bothers me. When starting to go through a thread I had missed, I scroll through huge empty spaces. Surely all the white space is not entirely necessary? There may be a technical reason but I think this could be better. e) I mentioned this in my hub topic but I'll repeat: We need a games resource section. There may not be many atheist games but the religious ones (with their terrible stories) should be up there. (I'm working on breaking into games myself and make it possible to be blasphemous gamer style).

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I can not find a way to edit

I can not find a way to edit or delete previous comments anymore.

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Actually, still having

Actually, still having trouble with this again today. It seems like the ability to edit a comment has completely disappeared. please let me know when you are aware of this problem.

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Hi Zaphod, Thanks for

Hi Zaphod, Thanks for bringing this up. We removed the edit/delete function to ensure that comments with replies don't get deleted once they are posted. Do you think the edit functon should be allowed?

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I was wondering about the

I was wondering about the missing edit myself. Quite a bit of multiple replies by the same person now. What about allowing adding to a reply without option of edit/delete? That would be neat.

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I think that's an interesting

I think that's an interesting idea. Let me just make sure I got this right... Is the following what you're implying, say I wanted to respond to a comment and did so, then I would be given an option to preserve the comment or conversation tree my comment was in response to, making it so it was no longer able to be edited or deleted or both, thereby protecting my comment and forcing them to set things right in another comment if they so desired?

If this is what you're suggesting, this could be used to serve quite a few functions off the top of my head:

*It would make it harder for someone to change something that would make the responder look dumb
*It would make it so they could not get rid of a conversation they felt fell out of their favor if a responder felt a need to preserve the conversation tree.
*It would cast some degree of care into the comments being made knowing some responder could come along and preserve it, thus probably preventing some people from saying something they really should not be.

Perhaps this could be combined with some form of edit history where once a comment had been edited or deleted all responses to what appeared before could be viewed in the edit history available in a link placed in the edited comment area. If this was done it would also be cool if the editor could also select carry forward responses (set to do so with all responses by default) after an edit but doing so would allow the the responder to edit their post.

I know this sounds really complicated, but it does not have to be.

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I think the ability to edit

I think the ability to edit as a function is pretty important.

Some sites, ie. Facebook, include a link so you can view the edit history. If your aim is to not have responses deleted, perhaps it would be a good idea to make it so a comment can't be deleted if there are already response. Its possible to provide link to see the edit history of a comment. On some sites there is a record of what a comment was posted in response to in the comment area often with a link if the original comment has been deleted the link leads to a page that informs the person that this is the case. Would these ideas or suggestions help with your aim while still making it possible to keep an edit function?

Personally I think people could write more comments to correct their earlier post but this could lead to longer forums which are less enjoyable. I think the ability to edit a comment makes things go much more smoothly and helps with site appearance. Though I try to look over what I have typed, I also try to post comments in a very quick manner and often miss some corrections before sending the comment through. I also like the ability to post a word block and come back later and break it up a little with no edit function this does not work. Knowing there is no ability to edit comments, creates a situation where it takes me longer to post a comment since I am forced to live with the outcome and have to make sure things are all done right the first time double, triple, quadruple checking my post. though I will say, it does slowly help train me to be a better writer.

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I really miss being able to

I really miss being able to edit my crappy typing. Missing a word or comma freaks me out. Anal? Yes.

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If the edit function is

If the edit function is problematic on saved comments/PMs, how about just letting the user end up in a review-mode before it is actually saved? The user could then get the chance to back up and edit it again before submitting?

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I notice that when signed in

I notice that when signed in I can see the forums that have new comments but when I go to the forums I cant tell which comments are the new ones without looking through them all. It would be awesome If the new comments were highlighted somehow or made visibly different for example bold. Or new mark next to the comments that are new since the last time I signed in. Even a way to mark as viewed would be great.

Also cool, would be a way to follow or mark a forum, topic or comment as important.

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I'm hoping this is now fixed,

I'm hoping this is now fixed, please let me know if you're still having issues.

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Not quite, but I do like how

Not quite, but I do like how I can click on where it says there are new comments and be brought to the last one posted.

I just figured if it can tell how many new comments are in any given topic since my last visit, it would be cool if the ones I had not seen yet were in bold font or a different color when I visited the topic. Thanks for trying though.

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I noticed that the about

I noticed that the about field in my user profile does not display the text I put in there.

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Thanks for fixing this, I

Thanks for fixing this, I like the new layout in the user profile area better now too! It's much nicer!

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Over in the Blogs section..

Over in the Blogs section...specifically the comments...there are some that have what appears to be a "continue reading" link (I'd guess because their comment is rather long). However, when I tap there (on an iPad), it goes nowhere. I would indeed like to continue reading the comment but seem to be unable to. Could always be a problem between the seat and the keyboard but would like to know what's up with it.


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I just tried it on my ipad,

I just tried it on my ipad, and it seems to be working; you may have to double tap the link for it to work. If you could try it again to check if it works and if it still doesn't work properly please let me know the specific blog/news posts so I can investigate it further.



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