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I do not trust in god for the

I do not trust in god for the exact same reason that you do not trust in leprechauns. I believe in things for which there is ample, testable and objective evidence. It's nice that you want to help people. But it is not nice to assume that someone needs help simply because they do not believe the same things you believe. I too enjoy helping people. But from my point of view, if either of us is in need of help, it's you. I'm sorry to hear that your life would seem empty without god. That is sad to think about. In regards to your "perfect earth" theory, there are millions of planets out there that are capable of supporting life. The earth is not special.

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I can't speak for everyone

I can't speak for everyone here, but I'm so glad you came by to help me that I think I am going to try to return the favour. Are there any other atheists out there who want to help this poor creature cast off the yoke of superstitious ignorance, so he may be closer to reality, and actually experience the grandeur of the world instead of wasting his life praying to invisible non existent super beings?

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"There is a lot of places where the bible is not meant to be taken literally..."

Who decides what is and is not meant to be taken literally in the "Word of God?"

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I think he meant:

I think he meant:

"There is a lot of places where the bible is not meant to be taken seriously..."


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Ugh, this is tiring, clearly

Ugh, this is tiring, clearly the only people who need 'help' are the ones trying to convince atheists there is a god

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It would be easier if I had

It would be easier if I had more Christians here to help me, and yes this is tiring to do by myself.

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We Gristomatic, you could cut

We Gristomatic, you could cut down on your workload considerably by not responding to amber, he is a well known troll here, fyi.

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It just so happens that our

It just so happens that our species of life along with all the other life forms on this planet have evolved to adapt to these exact conditions. You get it? It's not made for us, we evolved to be here. And since 99.9% of everything that ever lived here has gone extinct if god made this, he sucks at it.

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Gristomatic, I can imagine

Gristomatic, I can imagine you are feeling a bit beat up but your staying power is admirable. Believe what you believe and for as long as it gives you strength. Remember, you came here to a god-free zone to engage as an ambassador of your belief system. You've done that and now you see yourself charmed by the experience, in a manner of speaking. You can see that not all people are willing to surrender themselves to the doctrines of antiquity, and in doing so sacrificing their natural inquisitiveness, simply because they were told to by their forbears.

You surrendered, or were persuaded to, and by the faith you surrendered to facts were replaced with doctrine. Now you come to do debate armed only with what you surrendered to. You are young and constitute the millenial demographic of impressionable youth who have been lead to sacrifice their natural inquisitiveness for truth at the alters of the faith-based systems. You were indoctrinated into this by people you trust; parents, extended family, educators, clergy, community leaders, etc.

It takes an entire culture to indoctrinate one individual away from thinking for himself in order to better serve the system. You are a product of that system. So were we. You came here thinking perhaps you might provide enlightenment where there isn't any. We came from that same enlightenment and in many instances probably long before you were a glint in your parent's eyes. Most here never completely surrendered their natural inquisitiveness, though, because man is naturally testing his world in an unerringly constant fashion. You probably do the same thing but for your faith cannot outwardly claim it.

Read the archeological records on man from a time before the theologians reshaped history in the form of the bible. Read it. My 16 year old son is an expert on the myths and tales of antiquity that were (admittedly) fashioned into the bible by the likes of Paul, Peter and their follow-on text contributors over the centuries. Read it. You can start here if you have the courage.


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I'm still trying to figure

I'm still trying to figure out how god watching his child crucified by heathens is supposed to somehow free me of my sins. Wouldn't it make more sense to have your child live forever and preach your word until the end of time? That would be proof enough for me, I could just walk down to the corner, sit on a bench and have a chat with Jesus about his dad and it would all make sense. As it currently stands, there's no sense to be made.

And really, if god's son can be killed so easily... why should we fear him? I just wonder, when he appears as a flaming bush will a bucket of water shut him up?

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Because it is all bullshit!!

Because it is all bullshit!!

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God is not real. Please do

God is not real. Please do not be disrespectful becouse I am only here becouse I want to help people like you. You are wasting the one life you have on a fantasy. That is sad. You are a grown up now. Drop the fairy tales and get busy living. The ancient, dried up horse shit you consider to be divine is clogging up your otherwise useful brain with dung. Free yourself!

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I didn't see this and

I didn't see this and basically just repeated this same message....

...Hopefully we get through to this poor lost 'sheep'. Maybe we can make a more noble animal out of 'em!

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I would prefer *not* to

I would prefer *not* to believe in a deity who supports the suffering, pain, and death of the creations he made in his own image. To praise something like *that* is disturbing, in my opinion. I do have faith, though, in humanity's ability to succeed in advancing our scientific research so we may better understand both ourselves and the universe we reside in. To put it simply, religion gives you answers to questions you never asked and tells you to not ask questions. I would rather explore, question, and find out about our universe. I don't care if your religion damns me to hell for it, I seek knowledge, for knowledge is far better than praising some deity whom I am not sure of existing.

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Ditto! Also, nice hat Mr.

Ditto! Also, nice hat Mr. Austin!

Fedoras will never go out of style!

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Sadly, the fedora is no more.

Sadly, the fedora is no more. It was stepped on by accident. R.I.P Fedora 2014-2015

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If God creates everyone in

If God creates everyone in His own image, what about the babies that are born with birth defect like clefts on the lips, shortened limbs, oversized, or undersized heads, etc. What about kids born with incurable diseases, down syndrome,ALS, CANCER, Muscular Dystrophy...you get the idea. Is THIS Gods image?? What bullshit!!

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Dogs are quite real! Oh, my

Dogs are quite real! Oh, my bad.

If you are on a site for non-theists and claim that you -are- a theist, you probably need a map for the internet!
Or you have doubts.... Especially if you spell 'god' with a lowercase 'g' (as I do, because it is a vague fiction, or a mythological item and not a proper name), and you drop the capital 'c' and the 'h' from christianity (as I leave it lower case because I don't think it should be as widely revered as it is.)

You're welcome here, as people like myself hope that people like you will find truth among a society of thinkers.... Rather than believing you will actually get a group of free-thinking people to join mental slavery to an imaginary sky-being.

Seriously though, pull up a chair, stay a while.... And hopefully we'll open your eyes to the awesomeness of science, reason, philosophy, free-thought and the worldview of reality!

Religion may have played a role historically in controlling the poorer end of humanity, but in the 21st century, we are free. Shake off your chains and join us!

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We don't trust what we don't

We don't trust what we don't see, feel, hear, or sense at all. No real evidence, other than a two thousand year old book, has shown up of a god's existence.

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Absolutely true!! But a

Absolutely true!! But a theist will say you don't need any of these things...you just need to believe, and not question anything, and that will be enough...INSANE!!

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We don't need help. Quite

We don't need help. Quite the opposite. How can one trust in something that does not provide any objective or repeatable and falsifiable evidence of it's existence and even those who believe it does exist cannot agree on the definition of what it is, or what it's attributes are???

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Provide objective,

Provide objective, falsifiable evidence that I can evaluate for your claim. That is all it takes......


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