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Ok. Do you have anything

Ok. Do you have anything else for us. Maybe it can fly too? Some pics from "up there"?

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Yep. I see similarities.

Yep. I see similarities. But the most important one is absent. Honesty. And I have shown you evidence. This is Really my Life. It is unlike your unicorn. My Children really exists. Yours not.

I am the Wife of God giving birth to our Children as Jesus.


And raising them up in their New Lives as Jesus.


So you can go now and find some evidence on your "unicorn". Maybe a photo? Shouldn't take you too long? Or maybe he can speak and you have something for us on the internet. Where it actually said something. And a video of course would be perfect.

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@ Johan

@ Johan

Absolutely I will send you a video of Eric (as soon as Cog returns him) an, of course Walter the Wombat, who Poops Square poops.

Oh, can you send me a video of your god?

I disbelieve you for exactly the same reason you disbelieve me....simple concept hey?

You see what I am getting from you is that you are actually pretty much a homeless person with severe stress/mental problems who was taken in by a kind family and is trying to find some purpose in his/her life. Obviously tortured by your sexuality and inability to gender correctly you have invented this other, fantasy, "mother of all" persona and you are living it to protect the kernel of your old self. You know that little guy crying in the corner of your head.

I can bet if I talk to the "10,000" witnesses you claim to have they will either not know who the hell I am talking about or they will recognise you and describe you as a "that mad old man"....yep, I had one living in a small town some years ago. Similar story except he was a car exec, mentally crashed and burned, lost his house, family, gave it all up. A local family found him sleeping rough and took him in. All was well, he was like, you a woo merchant, convinced the "universe was love" and all the other bull you are spouting.

About 5 years later he tried raping a local woman whom he had spoken with about "Universal Love" and the rest of his guff, she was nice woman I knew well, had been kind to him and talked to him when she saw him in his robes and staff striding around the town.

He had been walking that tightrope of instability for some years.

I do hope you are having treatment.

I look forward to the video of your god, here is one of Eric in his young days before he only took serious roles.


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Seriously Old man,I have come

Seriously Old man,I have come to the same conclusion, that he is just one step away from a complete breakdown, because right now he is living in a fantasy world.

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Seems you agree I have reason

Seems you agree I have reason not to believe you? And you also agree your whole story is just dishonesty at play?

You don't have to resort to dishonesty though. You could just have said that you don't believe me.

As for your other opinions. That is of course just that. Speculations on who I really am.

But I do like the idea of you coming to my Facebook page where I am living with my community to experience first hand who i say i am and what you think I am. I will surely Love to show you around. If you are honest in saying this and you have the boldness to do it you will actually realize that it is also your obligation to everybody. Including me. You just might save me from something very bad. And in the end it might be a very worthwhile exercise for you too.

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@ Johan

@ Johan

"I will surely Love to show you around."

I unfriended a close niece because she was addicted to posting on Facebook. I stopped drinking with one close buddy because he was a raving alcoholic. I am not an enabler, and to visit your town would only add fuel to your disconnect from reality.

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@Johan “ But the most

@Johan “ But the most important one is absent. Honesty. ”

Word from “honest” (adverb “ used to persuade someone of the truth of something”. Adjective “ free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.”)

You are not accomplishing the first...
Second you are not free of deceit or untruthfulness...

Only one last meaning left... adj “ (of an action) blameless or well intentioned even if unsuccessful or misguided.”. ie “an honest mistake”

When you are interested in trying to get to as close to what is “true” as possible... start asking questions.

Until then, you sir, are the one who is lacking honesty.

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A lot of opinions here. No evidence. But of course you are welcome to your judgement of me being "dishonest". But that is just slander. And you will not feel good about your slander. Because wrong actions reap bad consequences. But of course I Forgive you. Your Father died for your sins and I believe it.

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YES it is my HONEST opinion

YES it is my HONEST opinion of you based on all the crap you write. It is not “slander”.

I don’t need your forgiveness. I don’t need “gods”
forgiveness. And my father died in an old age home. There is no “sin” shithead. The “shithead” is appropriate given where you keep your head placed (at first I thought it was in the clouds, but it ain’t)

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Yep. I see similarities. But

Yep. I see similarities.

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@Old man

@Old man

Just between you me and the gate post---

This impression after reading a few of his posts. Does this one seem a little different from the usual apologist shower we get here? By 'different' I mean mentally unwell. Just a feeling mind, I can't prove it.

I feel a little guilty for being so terse. It's as if i've kicked a puppy. (but not guilty enough to bother engaging further) ,

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@ cranky47

@ cranky47

"I feel a little guilty for being so terse. It's as if i've kicked a puppy. (but not guilty enough to bother engaging further)"

In a way cranky, this one is so deluded he actually believes all of his babble.

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What gave you that feeling? The blind assertions, or the goon babble?

It seems like he is already in a virtual straight jacket that provides him with all the love he needs.


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Homer has just logged in with

Homer has just logged in with another name.

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Spiritually is Godly. God

Johan - I did give some evidence of Him in previous posts.

Johan - Spiritually is Godly. God exist in the Spiritual Realm. Not physical.

You know what you sound like? A New Ager!

/e: Presumably evidence must contain information, and information is rooted in physical distinctions. That is why you can't give evidence of the non-physical (or as you said: the spirit realm). All you can give us is testimonials. We get those here almost every day from different theists. What is worst is you all seem to disagree with each other. At best only one of you can be correct. And as long as you guys continue to claim it isn't physical, there will be no way to tell which one of you is correct (if any).

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Actually we all are correct.

Actually we all are correct. Just from different perspectives. I once heard a good explanation. Of 5 mice arguing about a cow. One saw it from the front, another from the back, another from beneath another from the side and another from the top. They all differed on the same thing. So just put them all together. And you have the "cow".

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WOW that’s deep...heard the

WOW that’s deep...heard the same thing about an elephant and blind people...

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There is a difference. Mine

There is a difference. Mine is honestly trying to help.

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@Johan a meaningless analogy,


A meaningless analogy, you seem to claiming that objective facts don't exist. Which is absurd, and this forum is littered with thread where theists have tried to reduce all claims to subjective opinion in order to justify a subjective unevidenced belief in a deity. It simply doesn't pass muster I'm afraid.

Your belief in a deity is unsupported by any objective evidence, or any rational argument. It's also unfalsifiable, as well as not being properly or accurately defined, and of course has no explanatory powers whatsoever. It is in fact objectively indistinguishable from a non existent deity.

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I didn't try to give

I didn't try to give objective evidence of a "deity". i just said that Spirit is "seen" by judging the actions of the person. You can not see love. But by looking at certain actions you can conclude that it was love that allowed for certain "strange" actions. Same with me. I am giving you my actions and explaining them to you. You either see what i say or you don't. It happened the same way with God when He walked the earth in the body of Jesus.

John 10
17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.
18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.
19 ¶There was a division therefore again among the Jews for these sayings.
20 And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad; why hear ye him?
21 Others said, These are not the words of him that hath a devil. Can a devil open the eyes of the blind?

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@Johan Re: Cow analogy

@Johan Re: Cow analogy

Oh, wow... I've never herd that one before. Thank you. It was very mooooo-ving. It almost steeeered me to tears. Most people just talk a bunch of bull, but you, sir, have certainly BRANDED an impression into my brain from which I cannot HIDE. You have caused a stampede of thoughts I now find difficult to lasso and corral. Even if I cud, though, I would not deny them free range, for there is too much at steak. All I can do at this point is grab life by the horns and milk it for all it's worth. Sure, my haydays may have already faded as my skin becomes leathered, but I still have many green quiet meadows to enjoy before being put out to pasture.

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Yep. You have the cow there.

Yep. You have the cow there. In your own way. But I have to admit. Yours are more of a "showpiece" of human intellect than mine. So after having enjoyed your cow i would like to go into your cow a bit deeper than the leather. But of course it is your cow and you should skin it. And then you tan the steak for us. I am looking forward to your next attempt.

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Re: "So after having enjoyed your cow i would like to go into your cow a bit deeper than the leather."

DUDE!... *look of shock*... What the fuck?!? There are LAWS against that in most places. Hope you at least used some form of protection! Dammit! Now I'm gonna have to send Betsy to therapy sessions.

Re: "And then you tan the steak for us."

...*face scrunching in disgust*... YUCK! Where the hell did you learn to cook? Tan a steak??? That can't be good... nor healthy... *shaking head in disbelief*... Personally, I marinate and then GRILL my steaks. Medium rare, to be exact. Dang, your eating habits are as strange as your relationships.

Re: "I am looking forward to your next attempt."

Uhhhhh... My next attempt at what, exactly?... *confused look*...

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"Dang, your eating habits are as strange as your relationships."

Yep. We all have different things that are important to us. Eating is not really one of mine. What is important is being in Love Relationships. And they are only found in God.

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Another word for “spirit

Another word for “spirit realm” ...


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Not really. Love and anger

Not really. Love and anger is also spirit and from the spiritual realm.

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Nope, its from the neurons

Nope, its from the neurons within your brain, encased in your overtly thick skull...not from a non-existent, non-demonstrable, magic spiritual realm, floating out in woo woo ness.

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No problem. But to me it

No problem. But to me it seems from another area. More in the region of your "heart" maybe? And what is more. If it was from your brain then you would have been able to choose what to feel and how long and when etc. Now it seems like being controlled from outside. And in such power that humans mostly can not use their brain to rule them. Seem they mostly rule the human brain.

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Exactly why you should seek a

Exactly why you should seek a mental health professional.

There are reams of validated demonstrable objective evidences that the heart is a pump, and has no ability to initiate or process human feelings...as well as, mountains of demonstrable objective evidence that the neurochemicals in your brain are the only source of the feelings you feel. It is a physical impossibility for your brain to receive feelings from an outside agent, as you can only feel things that your own brain produces.

What part of this is too hard for you to comprehend?

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I understand your point of view. I am not into forcing you to give it up. But I am not into "comprehending" when i have God as my Father to explain Life to me. The personal touch is so much more to me than the "lonely" one of "comprehending". We become Alive in Relationship. Comprehending is the dead life of Adam that he has chosen for himself.

If you have children you can understand the "magic" between you and your child asking you and being with you in its learning process from baby days onward. Just a pity it got lost in going to school.


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