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Nope...literally everything

Nope...literally everything you have just said, is not true. You are woefully ignorant to truths, and your delusional thoughts are filling in a narrative that does not exist in reality. You are sick. Please go seek professional help. A soul is a religious construct, that does not exist in reality. There is zero objective evidence for it...and as well, particle physics proves the soul a physical impossibility for any living thing...period.

It truly saddens me that you are so deluded that you can not rationalize anything, unless it meets the requirements of your god delusion.

Please, seek professional help...you are not well at all.

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"A soul is a religious construct, that does not exist in reality."

Good. Then you know we have different Experiences than science is "discovering". And we stick with our Experiences because they are just
more Authentic than the opinions from "science".

"It truly saddens me that you are so deluded that you can not rationalize anything, unless it meets the requirements of your god delusion."

What should be "saddening" to you is the fact that you can not differentiate between Experiences and "delusion". But you don't need to feel "sadden" because of me. As I have given you a lot of evidence on my Life that I am Perfectly Happy.

"Please, seek professional help...you are not well at all."

I have given you my actual Life. Which you have seen is a very Happy and Fulfilled Life. But you stubbornly stick to your opinions on me with no evidence?

Take an actual event in my Life and prove your judgment that "I am not well". And see your mistake for yourself.

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No johan, experiences without

No johan, experiences without objective evidence, can easily be misconstrued...especially from a delusional mind like yours. Experiences are not authentic, without objective evidence to make them so.

Again, differentiating experiences from delusional thought, is relatively easy...objective evidence defines whether something exists in reality, and you have no evidence of your experiences...believing in something despite objective evidence in reality, is delusional. Everyone on your thread can see clearly you are delusional. Yes, you can be happy in ignorance, and in poor mental health. You are living evidence of this.

I am not challenging that your life is not happy or fulfilled...as I mentioned, people with mental illness can be happy, and feel fulfilled. I am challenging that anything you feel, is directed by an unevidenced non-existent god. Without objective evidence, believing in a god, or believing you are a neuvo-profit, or the new christ, or believing normal human feelings are coming from a non-existent unevidenced spiritual realm, or whatever other unevidenced belief you have not yet shared with us, by function, practice and definition, is delusional.

You mentioning the aforementioned delusional beliefs on this site, is an actual event in your life...and it is well documented that many peoples judgement of you on this site, as delusional and having a mental health issue, is not a mistake, but actually very accurate.

Please seek mental health help. I can help you find someone for you to see in the western cape province.

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Your god, if he exists, does an awful job of discussing with us trough you... peculiar for a supposedly omnipotent entity.

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The mistake is actually in my

The mistake is actually in my intellect. Being unable to fathom God but still trying to do the best i am able of. And in English which is my second language.

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Yep. It is like that over

Yep. It is like that over specie barriers. We have difficulty with dogs and they with us. But when they are born again as humans the situation changes.

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You see, again you have

You see, again you have displayed a delusional belief that was concocted from your brain and its inability to reason truths. Reincarnation does not exist. Zero objective evidence for this, or a soul, tells people without deficits, that there is no reason to believe this...as it does not align with reality. Please seek professional help...dog/humans, humans/humans or dogs/dogs are not reincarnated.

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"Reincarnation does not exist. "

I totally agree. Did you really saw me believing in this? How did you manage to do that?2

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"We have difficulty with dogs

"We have difficulty with dogs and they with us. But when they are born again as humans the situation changes."

The above words are yours.

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@ Johan

@ Johan

"He is in me and directing me to speak these things."

Only people with mental illnesses have voices like that in their heads. Please, go see a proper doctor.

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You are only using your

You are only using your intellect now. Your own understanding of what you don't know much about. Humans do that. Because of their intellect. But because of the emotional barrier you have it is clouding your mind to say something against good intellect. You should have asked when you don't know something and not just judge me as "ill".

Judging in your case is trying to do something that you are not given the Ability by God yet to do. And we as Christians know you are a "hypocrite" now. You act as if you can judge while it is just your own opinion you are trying to uplift to the level of judgment.

I never said I hear "voices in my head". But maybe you can link me? To give the evidence of your Ability from God to be the Judge you say you are? If not this will be the evidence against you being a "hypocrite". And will establish me as the Real Judge. A Judgment in Love and Wisdom from God. Because it is done in Forgiveness. And teaching you to be a Real Judge.

The "proper doctor" is now speaking to you. Not me. God from me. That is the reason for the Bible verses.

Mat. 7
1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.


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I know. But I am trying my

I know. But I am trying my best. And I am giving you all the information I feel I should give without it being too much. You will just have to accept that knowing someone takes time. And that is what Relationship is about. You decide you want to know someone or not.

I am actually just introducing myself. For Relationships.

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@Talyyn: What!!!

@Talyyn: What!!! "Feelings mean nothing in providing evidence," DAMN! Are you saying...... "I'm wrong?" I have a FEELING Johan is just another dweeby troll incapable of higher cortical functions. It's a pretty strong feeling so I think its right.

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"I have a FEELING Johan is just another dweeby troll incapable of higher cortical functions. It's a pretty strong feeling so I think it's right"

I fear you may be right.The only other reasonable explanation I can think of is that the poor chap is mentally unwell. I suppose he could be both, that also works for me.

Because I don't know the bloke, I have to go on the content of his posts. On that basis alone, I really can't be bothered with him. Far too many things I prefer doing than try to reason with some complete dropkick who has found his way to our forum.

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Where do you feel it? In the stomach? In your skull? Maybe he haves you diarrhea huh?

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Ok. So what is a "troll" to

Ok. So what is a "troll" to you in my instance?

I am still using my mind for my human existence. As part of a thriving business that I helped to establish it played a huge roll. And it is still doing its job. But unlike humans using it for creating their lives I allow God to do it for me. He is my Husband and should do that. That is what a Husband is there for. I am just giving birth to our Kids as their Mother and raising them in our Life as Gods.

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Have you ever seen a psychiatrist or mental health professional?

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grandiose delusions

grandiose delusions (Wikipedia): According to the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria for delusional disorders, grandiose-type symptoms include grossly exaggerated beliefs of:

  1. self-worth
  2. power...
  3. knowledge
  4. identity
  5. exceptional relationship to a divinity or famous person...

Sound like anyone you know?

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It sounds to me like your

It sounds to me like your judgment of me. And you having found evidence of something that is only your opinion.

So let me help you here. i have no "self-worth, power, knowledge, identity exceptional relationship to a divinity or famous person. I died to all I am. I am now a New Creation from God. Everything i am is from God. Nothing of myself.

The problem lies actually with you. You don't believe in a God and have to look for other explanations. And you miss because of that. Because if there was really a God to you then all of what I said would have been accepted by you.

This you can clearly see in my conversations with those that believe like me that there is a God because they met Him too. We have our differences which is accepted by all. But nothing is said about "grandiose delusions".


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Johan - It sounds to me like

Johan - It sounds to me like your judgment of me.

Right; I think you are mentally ill. I think you should seek treatment.

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Wrong. You say it is a

Wrong. You say it is a judgment but it is actually an opinion. So I am not really "ill". I am helping you to understand yourself.


Allowing God to be your Savior. From me.

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Yep. I was asked to. Twice.

Yep. I was asked to. Twice. The first time when I started preaching what God gave me was 30 years ago. It was not intellectual anymore. So i went to this guy and out of his actions i could see that this person, the best there was at that stage in South Africa, was just questioning me because of it being his job. He put me on 90 days sick leave. At first he said that I will have to meet with him every week for the 90 days. But after the second week he said it is not necessary anymore. And gave a report that i was mentally well. So I had a nice holiday of 90 days.

The second time was when my hometown Robertson tried to certify me. And asked me to go with it. All went well until the last stage where i had to meet with someone from outside. And after some questioning by this guy he said he is definitely not going to put his job in jeopardy by certifying me and then they find out later that there was nothing wrong with me. And the whole thing collapsed.

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WOW .... crazy how your

WOW .... crazy how your English drastically improved!!!!

Well, I am thoroughly amazed ...


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My English or the context

My English or the context made it easier for you to understand?

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I am truly sorry your mental

I am truly sorry your mental health system failed you.

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You know more than they do?

You know more than they do? I am really "ill"? Says you?

Seems you are dishonest?

A "hypocrite"?


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No, I am not dishonest. I am

No, I am not dishonest. I am a health professional, and by the sounds of your two experiences, yes i know more than the people that had assessed you. You clearly have delusions of grandeur, and have trouble differentiating your delusional thoughts from reality. I would refer you to a psychiatrist for medicine titration, and continuing psychoanalysis/psychotherapy, only after putting you on a starting dose of clozapine.

You should really seek help. If you tell me what city you are in, I can gather a list of professionals who can help you.

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Thanks. But if you read about the two instances that I went to the "professionals" it was in both because I was asked to do it for verification. The time I was Reverend in the Dutch Reformed Church they sent me to the best one South Africa had at that stage 30 years ago.

The second time 20 years ago the town of Robertson just wanted to "put me away". And they had to follow a certain procedure to do that. And the last part of the procedure was getting someone from "outside". And that person decided to back down after questioning me for about an hour. His words were that he is not going to certify me because he is not going to put his job in jeopardy for the sake of those asking for it. We ended up chatting about what is actually going on in Robertson.

The point is this. I can not go for "help" when I do not believe that I need it.

What I am doing here is just introducing myself as I am doing all over the Internet. It is Love compelling me to do it. Because I really believe what I am saying. Those who want to join me are welcome. It will be to their benefit. As those in Robertson are experiencing and saying also.


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"The point is this. I can not

"The point is this. I can not go for "help" when I do not believe that I need it."

This is THE classic stumbling block for people suffering from many significant mental health issues. One of the main factors of your specific issue, is the inability, partial or full, to differentiate or orient themselves, to reality. Because you can not see your issues, does not mean that you are not ill. The classic textbook example of delusional behaviour comes from a woman in university, pursuing her nursing degree. She was rescued by police from the top of a bridge, stating that she must go thru "the portal" to save humanity...as the police reported to the hospital psychiatrist. Overtly, she claimed to be fine, and passed specific measures of competence and self harm assessment...however, during the hold periods psychoanalysis, it was discovered, as the police reported, that she believed that a portal existed, and that she believed she could go through it to save humanity. She believed this...yet her belief did not orient with reality. She was eventually released over time, where she eventually stopped her meds, and jumped thru the portal.

Your inability to orient yourself with reality, hampered by your religious cognitive dissonance, which on differential, is preventing you from learning certain truths, is more than enough to initiate a psychiatrist consult.

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Seems you want me to believe i am ill because you believe i am ill? But the "soundness" you want to give me is human life. While I have Godly Life. As you
witnessed in the evidence I gave you. Now this is different species life. Like a dog is different from a human being. A dog lives by instinct and a human by intellect. And God lives by Spirit. Now for a dog to have experienced intellectual life to go back to instinctual life is totally out of the question. The same for me. Having the Spiritual Life of God, that billions of Christians have, but just in Adult Life makes it impossible for me to go back to human dead Adam Life.

2 Peter 2
20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.
21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.
22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.


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