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@Rickswordfish: RE: "I'm

@Rickswordfish: RE: "I'm scared of going to hell"

Then you probably need to learn something about it. Are you aware of the fact that Hell is a Christian invention. IT IS NOT IN THE OLD TESTAMENT. Satan is also a Christian invention. You should probably learn a little bit about the origins of your religion.

The Origin of Satan

You can sit on your ass for the rest of your life and be afraid of made up stories or you can get proactive and start learning. EDUCATION IS THE BANE OF THEOLOGY.

Start learning. Satan and Hell are Christian myths. Invented by ancient Christians. Not even all sects of Christians believe these myths.

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Ive read all that shit and

Ive read all that shit and its nothing but speculation if you want to help me answer my question about egypt

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@ Rick

@ Rick

Stop blubbing start researching or live in fear for the rest of your life.

No, Nebuchadnezzar did not "lay waste to Egypt" not even close.

Do some fucking research yourself and stop listening to merchants of filth like those evangelists.

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Old man …..

Old man …..

is perfectly correct …… you are obviously not going to believe what anyone tells the only answer is for you to look for yourself....

The site Old man posted a link to will give you a start.... and if you combine it with this....

You can see that although the Babylonians subdued the Egyptian armies in the Levant they did NOT proceed into Egypt itself..

But look for yourself …….

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Nothing but speculation?? How did you arrive to that conclusion?
Especially when you are taking the religion/bible/etc at face value and not as speculation?

Do you realize what you are doing? You are picking and choosing what you want to believe in. Not based on any facts, but instead on.. I don't know...? what other people tell you to think?

We are not asking you to "think" like us. We are asking you to THINK FOR YOURSELF!
As soon as you start doing that, and stop believing what other people tell you, you will find the answers you seek. Clearly us giving you the actual answers is not doing anything. You just reject them, ignore them, think its off topic or whatever else you can come up with.

Soon as you clear yourself of any of your own biases, or biases others have placed on you, the answers actually become really obvious and easy.

There is no god, all the enormous amount of evidence points to this, what should be obvious, elementary fact. People have to "teach/brainwash/force" god to people, where the no god stance, all you have to do is stand back and do nothing, because that is where all the evidence is.

It is OBVIOUS the various god ideas are born of human imagination. The evidence for this is astounding powerful, it is everywhere you look. And once you realize all the god nonsense is FICTION, it is really easy to answer any questions related to it.

We dont sit around in think groups and study this stuff extensively to come up with our answers, we just like to on our free time point out the obvious answers, even if 99% of the time the people asking the questions about god are not even listening to the answers because their biases don't even allow them to take the actual answer in.

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@Rickswordfish: SOMEONE

@Rickswordfish: SOMEONE PULL THIS TROLL FROM THE SITE. No one around here wants to help you with your internet search. The information took a whole 30 seconds to find. Are you trying to play smarty with the other children. You have read Pagel's book like I have swam the Atlantic.

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Why aren't you scared of going to any of the other hells of all the other religions, besides Christianity?

After all, shouldn't you be worried about going to the worst hell? Islam hell (Jahannam ) is arguably worse (the descriptions in than the Quran are pretty dreadful) than the Christian hell.

*Edited for additional comments

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Origen the respected austere

Origen the respected austere and christian theologist of the early church insisted that none would suffer eternal punishment and all souls would only endure a purging fire to rid them of the scars of sin so they might commune with god. The church eventally accepted all his other opinions cause thats all the early christian ever dealt in but rejected his rejection of hell...the frightfulness of eternal damnation was preferred for obstinate heretics, Jews and pagans.
The idea of hell was perfected, and made manifest on earth through exquisite forms of torture, over next 1600 years.
Hell is an idea, not a place. Read some history.

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Here is a list of all the

Here is a list of all the bible prophecies i have found to come true

1. The jews would be scattered among the nations (deutoronomy 28)

2. The jews would return (Ezekiel 34:13)

3. An anointed one would be killed followed by the destruction of jerusalem and the temple (daniel 9)

4. Zion would be plowed like field (Micah 3)

5. The jews would defeat the edomites (ezekiel 25)

If the bible isnt the word of god how did it get so many predictions right

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@Rickity-doo-dah Re: "Here

@Rickity-doo-dah Re: "Here is a list of all the bible prophecies i have found to come true"

Hear ye, hear ye! All who gather, heed my words! I, the Prophet Tin-Man, shall now predict things to come so that ALL may know my power and wisdom!

1. A group of medical school graduates will be scattered among the nations!

2. The graduates will one day return!

3. A priest will die in car wreck, eventually followed by a natural disaster that destroys a city and a church.

4. A farmer will one day plow a field!

5. The armies of one nation will soon defeat the armies of another nation!

These great things I have foreseen! These great things will come to pass within somebody's lifetime! The Prophet Tin-Man has spoken!

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I dont appreciate being

I dont appreciate being insulted

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What's next, "stop being mean to me" ?

Good grief! What did you expect? You're a theist who found its way to an atheist forum. We owe you nothing. I think you have been treated with great forbearance , given the the lack of cogent thought shown in your posts.

Tu quoque I know, but I need to point out that you are treated far better here than an atheist on a Christian site. That from personal experience.

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@Rickswordfish: No one

@Rickswordfish: No one gives a shit! TROLL

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How am I supposed to listen

How am I supposed to listen to you people if you refuse to treat me with respect

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@Ricky Re: "I don't

@Ricky Re: "I don't appreciated being insulted."

Hey, man, I'm just working on my Prophet skills. I think I may have a natural knack for it. If that happens to insult you, that is your problem, not mine.

Re: "How am I supposed to listen to you people if you refuse to treat me with respect"

If you had actually been listening to everybody all this time, you should not be repeating all the same questions and making all the same claims/remarks. How are WE suppose to respect THAT? And what kind of respect are you showing us by doing that?

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All you people have done is

All you people have done is condescend and mock me

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@Rickswordfish: No one

@Rickswordfish: No one gives a shit. Disingenuous TROLL

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If you want to help me give

If you want to help me give me a rational explanation for those 5 prophecies coming true

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Rickswordfish, you asked, “If

Rickswordfish, you asked, “If the bible isnt the word of god how did it get so many predictions right?”

I suspect it got them right the same way Star Trek got some right. Please tell us how many it got wrong so we can compute the win/loss ratio. I’m serious. That a few items seem to indicate fulfilled prophecy is not enough data to determine that the book is divinely inspired.

So, I’ll wait, patiently, you to provide the requested data.

Thank you.

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This I can do, I have found 2

This I can do, I have found 2 in the entire bible

1. Several passages from revelation seem to indicate it was supposed to take place in ancient roman times

2. The final part of the prophecy of tyre indicates that the city was supposed to be abandondened, swept up by the ocean and burried in the earth (most likely in that order)

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You’re saying there are only

You’re saying there are only two prophesies that the Bible got wrong?

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Those two are the only ones I

Those two are the only ones I could find strong evidence that suggests theyre wrong

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Look at the prophecies the

Look at the prophecies the bible got right!
1. Serpents can talk. One talked to Eve.
2. Bats are Birds. New genetic research demonstrates this to be true. Bats have wings and birds have wings.
3. Rabbits chew their cud. Another scientific discovery. Like cows, and other animals that eat grass, rabbits have 7 stomachs. (OOPS, Grass would kill a rabbit, my bad. Carrots.) (OOPS, my bad. Carrots would kill a rabbit too. What in the fuck do rabbits eat? ) (Oh yea! Rabbit pellets.) So when rabbits eat rabbit pellets, the pellets are broken down by the seven stomachs in a rabbits digestive tract. So rabbits have to regurgitate chew, and swallow again and again. Hey! This is just like Christian Bullshit. Are Christians Rabbits? They keep regurgitating the same old shit over and over and over. Perhaps it's because they just like swallowing? Hmmmm?

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@Rickswordfish: Go do your

@Rickswordfish: Go do your own research. No one wants to help you. Disingenuous Troll!

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@ Rickswordfish .....

@ Rickswordfish .....

"5. The jews would defeat the edomites (ezekiel 25)"

OK …. read this...….

"Archaeological investigation showed that the country flourished between the 13th and the 8th century BC and was destroyed after a period of decline in the 6th century BC by the Babylonians."

link …….

Now you see that.... Edom ...destroyed by the Babylonians.... not the Jews..... who were being herded into captivity in Babylon at the time...

So … just how was this "prophesy" fulfilled.....

Oh yes just a point...… you might want to remember for future reference...……

"How am I supposed to listen to you people if you refuse to treat me with respect.."

It has been my experience that respect cannot be DEMANDED ….. it has to be EARNED.

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That article says afterwards

That article says afterwards the edomites went to juda (israel) it also says that later the edomites were forcibly converted to judaisim by John Hyrcanus, thus fulfilling the prophecy

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@ Rick

@ Rick

the edomites were forcibly converted to judaisim

Do you understand what that means? It means FORCIBLE circumcision for every male. Demonstrates your petty judean god's fascination with foreskins again. Boy he really loves those foreskins don't he? You really want to be involved with such pervy behaviour?
And you are frightened of it? Sheesh, convert to Judaism, get yourself circumcised, make a burnt offering of the cut off and you will be fine.

Once again, there are no prophecies in the bible that have been fulfilled in any meaningful way that affects your modern life. Grow up. Do that and you will earn my respect.

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If the bible is the word of

If the bible is the word of god that affects my life immensly

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@Fishy: "If the bible is

@Fishy: "If the bible is the word of god." It's not! Don't worry about it. Have a cookie and go to your room.

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Keep mocking me, ILL SLIT

Keep mocking me,

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