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@Rickswordfish: Ha ha ha ha

@Rickswordfish: RE: " Keep mocking me, (Text removed by moderator)

EDIT: Just to put the quote in another post in case you erase it. Edit a second time: Just to say good-bye.

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Im serious ill find out where

text removed by moderator...user banned

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@Rickswordfish: Good luck

@Rickswordfish: Good luck with that! How is your Korean? Do you need Airport Pickup?

EDIT: Just to include the threat in case Rick tries to erase it before mods see it:
Text removed by moderator

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Keep it up Ill make it hurt

text removed by moderator

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@Cog Re: "Have a cookie and

@Cog Re: "Have a cookie and go to your room."


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@Tin: Sorry, I can't reply

@Tin: Sorry, I can't reply now. My mouth is full.

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@ Rick

@ Rick

If the bible is the word of god that affects my life immensly

It isn't. So live your life and stop listening to idiots that only want to take your money and make you live in fear. If you want the latter then cower away from that nasty, foreskin loving figment of your imagination until the end of your days. You can look back and see a life wasted away in the fear of a non existent nightmare. Some achievement.

Prophecies, especially biblical ones are so much bullshit. You do not even know who wrote them or when. They are made up, fantasy, stories for the winners.

If you can't accept that, then back to your room, cower in fear all your life, don['t talk to people here, they are all demons of course.

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If youre not going to help

If youre not going to help then dont comment

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"If youre not going to help then dont comment"

You don't get to make the rules. Respect needs to be earned, it may not be demanded, at least not from me. .

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Ricky: ""If you(insert

Ricky: ""If you(insert apostrophe here) re not going to help then don(insert apostrophe here)t comment"

If you're not going to listen, seriously, what difference does it make?

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@Fishy: "If you're not

@RickyFishy: "If you're not going to help.... " said the Troll, "then don't comment!"

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I see...… so your saying that Ezekiel was foretelling the operations of the Maccabean Jews even though what he actually wrote was
" And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel" ……

now when did we start conflating the Israelites with the Jews of Judea ….. and while were on the subject why did you alter the text of the supposed prophesy from Israel to Jews.

Certainly the Jews under the Maccabeans defeated the remnants of the Idumeneans but where did Ezekiel say that...?

You seem to be trying to "crowbar" history to fit your "prophesies".

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@ All - Well that was

@ All - Well that was inevitable. "Good Job Mods!" I expect my quoted posts will be removed as well. I just didn't want him erasing the threats prior to anyone seeing them.

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RICKSWORDFISH HAS BEEN BANNED. A great deal of text was removed for forum guideline violation.

Apologies to those who responded to him with quotes. I removed those words as well but you hold no blame for forum rule violation.

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@Cyber: I completely

@Cyber: I completely expected the removal. The quotes were only there so he could not go back and erase his inappropriate posts before a mod could see them. Good Job!

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Awwwwwww, SHIT! I missed all

Awwwwwww, SHIT! I missed all the fun!... *pouting while walking out of room and slamming the door*...


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