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@ Man

@ Man

Oh do get fucked . If I choose I shall discuss what I choose when I choose an any forum I choose in the vernacular if I fucking choose. One does not "set rules" on an internet forum.

If any of the mods have an issue I am sure I will get a warning message.

When theists come on here repeating their fantasy fucking double debunked shite. ( I am really channelling Myk atm) All about some crazy arse book spouted by a minor warlord with disgusting personal habits, rearranged, reorganised, parts suppressed by a megalomaniac slaughter machine , and have the fucking audacity to make stupid far fetched claims that a few vague verses contain scientific truths, then that is fucking delusional.

I will call it out for what it is. If you don't like it then offer some fucking evidence instead of a few Humpty Dumpty verses that could mean anything. You cry "foul" when some fucking stupidity like "splitting the moon" and " flying on a winged horse" is brought up, thats just craven cowardice. Its bollocks. "Its a metaphor" when it fucking suits, a command when it suits and a divine revelation when it fucking suits. No, sunshine, it is all bollocks.

You have actual scientists on here who are reading your arguments (crazy arse claims) and quietly up chucking their morning cornflakes.

Produce some solid evidence or quietly listen to some intelligent opinions here.

(edited for grammatical error)

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@Old Man

@Old Man

Oh-dear-lord!... I feel the spirit of Myk is with us tonight. Wait....

Dammit, Q! Have you been playing with that Ouija Board again?!? Put that thing away! (Just make sure you close it out first.)

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I just want to say thank you

I just want to say thank you to everyone that commented. I came here seeking the truth the same way i went to Christianity and Judaism searching for the truth. I will say that i did find the truth, not the truth i was looking for but we don't always find what we are looking for.

Again, thanks to everyone. Free world and feel free to continue commenting if you wish. My time here is done.

Salam Alaykum

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@Man in search Re: "My

@Man in search Re: "My time here is done."

Awww... Hulk is leaving... *teardrop rolling down cheek*

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I'll withhold any jokes that

I'll withhold any jokes that might spoil Infinity War...

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@ Man

@ Man

Don't be such a fucking hypocrite and don't let the door slam on your giant green arse either. Metaphorically speaking. When you discover your "truth" is a giant stinky turd, please come back.

Fuck me dead these evasive, mendacious, fly by proselytisers are fucking colossal pain. But that's cleared the cobwebs a bit. The thought tubes are cleared by that jet of steam.

Pass the shiraz TM...

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@Old Man

@Old Man

Shiraz?... Nah. Tonight will be a Kraken night! *passing over a shot glass of Kraken* Here's one for you, too, Jared. Great job out there today. *passes shot glass of Kraken to Jared*... Anybody else?

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You know what? Everybody come

You know what? Everybody come grab a glass. Why the hell not? Drinks are on me!


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MISO: Ma Saleichum Salaam!

MISO: Ma Salaam!

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I call BS. You came in here

I call BS. You came in here challenging for atheists to disprove your claims. When the going got rough, you ran away.

What you learned was that your claims would be challenged by informed and independent people who absolutely shredded and humiliated your position.

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@Man who searches for truth

@Man who searches for truth is not interested in truth. If the qur'an is wrong, it's a miracle, but it is okay for him to take vague verses as "proof" of scientific foreknowledge in the qur'an.

Even if he was able to show clear verses describing something humans could not have known in the 7th century, it still does not prove the qur'an to be divine in origin, anymore than the works of Lucretius, Jules Verne, or H.G. Wells.

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Damn..he quit before my

Damn..he quit before my weekend started when I have time to really participate...its the time zones curse again....I wanted to ask about the claim that sea water and fresh water can never mix, a incorrect idea from a reference to some fountain of life which is common to both Islam and Hebrew literature and which figured prominently in a video in which Dawkins (?) is authoritively informed of the 'fact' by islamic schoolgirls..I dont even have time now to look it up...gotta go bak to work * sigh


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