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@ LostLocke

@ LostLocke

Nii-hise! I was wondering if I was going to be the one who was going to Shift the Burden of Proof. Throw the dumb ass theist's favorite game right back in their face.

Hmm... Think that will be my first reply to any thread's OP by a theist. Why not? They ALWAYS do it to us because they cannot even answer our questions. EVER.


P.S. — Seems AJ777 has had enough ass-whooping and went home crying to mommy...

EDIT: through to throw

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@ AJ777

@ AJ777

Posted this in another thread, but it also SO THUSLY describes you...

Ultimately, you have NO evidence. NONE. Never had. Never shall.

All you have is irrational illogical presupposed assumptive confirmation biased arguments that are so fallacious, we don't even need to debunk them, for you do it for us.


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The Universe From Nothing
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I lol'ed when he said "Alex

I lol'ed when he said "Alex Guth" (his name is Alan Guth), but it was a pretty good video.

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Thanks, Kataclismic, great

Thanks, Kataclismic, great vid.


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