Why I believe in god

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You ever take the Myers

You ever take the Myers Briggs test?

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I'm a fucking psychotherapist

I'm a fucking psychotherapist. INTP. Are you aware of the fact that the test is not valid in any way shape or form. It is a learning tool for the classroom setting and not much more. I have taught Attorneys to use it in jury selection. The prosecutor generally wants a strong SJ. The Defense is looking for NF or SP. Stay away from the NTs. They look at the facts. No one wants that in the American legal system.

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Cog and others...reminded me

Cog and others...reminded me of a true story

My youngest (the one who thought he could successfully debate the middle kid and landed up crying) took an IQ test (online pop up).

He comes upstairs, proud as punch and declares his IQ is 238.
“Really?” I go...
“Yah!!!” His excited response.
“Wow!” I say...”that’s smarter than geniuses!”
“Really?” he says beaming
“Let me look at that...”
He proudly hands it over.

“Uh, it says 238 people have purchased their results”

“Oh...” he’s now a little deflated.

“You know, paying for that result is coming out of your allowance if you want the results. It’s your test.”

“Uh, it’s OK...can I get a video game?”

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Cog and I getting it on,

Cog and I getting it on,
Ahhhh the joy...
His spirit in my fruit...

Senses are telling me I’m right...

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@Whitefire Re: "His spirit

@Whitefire Re: "His spirit in my fruit..."

Ummm... Not trying to be picky here, but shouldn't that be the other way around? HIS fruit in YOUR spirit?.... *thoughtful look*.... Uh, you know what? Don't answer that... *squinching eyes shut*... *holding hand straight out in stop signal*.... I really don't want to know.

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Tin...you’re right...me bad

Tin...you’re right...me bad (see scripture below, in a separate post answering Cog)

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@Homer: I'm sharing why I

@Homer: I'm sharing why I believe what I believe.

It sounds like you've made a deliberate and conscious decision to believe. Is that really possible? Belief generally comes to us through experience or indoctrination. Is belief based on an act of will true belief?

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"It sounds like you've made a deliberate and conscious decision to believe,Is that really possible? Is that really possible? "

Oh indeedly doodly

I did just that at 16. One of my teachers got sick of my questions and pointed me at Thomas Aquinas. Reading him I came across his claim that you believe all or none [of Christianity]

I made a decision to believe everything. That went just fine until I was 20. Then I was conscripted, and that was the end of THAT! Did not enter a church the entire time I was in the army. I DID tell them I was Catholic, and that's what was on my dog tags. The army doesn't like anything unusual, it confuses them. Besides, I worked out immediately that the best way to go was to keep my head down, and be as anonymous as I could be,.

Plus there is this :

"Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

----Lewis carroll, 'Through The Looking Glass"

Should be a mantra for believers.

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@Algebe ... same as Cranky

@Algebe ... same as Cranky for me. I was “ indoctrinated” but the choice to believe it was all me ... I did choose it for quite a while, whole-heartedly.

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@RE: The choice to believe?

@RE: The choice to believe? Simply making a choice to believe in something is not sufficient to cause one to believe in it. I can't possibly think of a way I would be convinced that the great flood of Noah was real, whether or not I chose to believe in it.


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Cog...” I would be convinced

Cog... re: HOW TO be convinced that the great flood of Noah was real

Here’s how I did it... keep in mind, the bible was taught to me as literal (very little symbolism, only Revelation - and even then...)

Convinced god is real...convinced god sent son...convinced we are in the last days...convinced that Jesus is ruling (invisibly) and is using “faithful and discreet slave”...convinced JW is a great crowd being led/taught by that slave...that “slave” has gods spirit (same one who wrote book).

God is a magic man who CAN do anything...if it made the universe, what’s a global flood in comparison???

If god uses the “faithful slave” and sends them his spirit...why NOT numb-nuts spirt-fruit....

Song of Solomon 2:3 ... As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.

Bible porn... :)

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" I can't possibly think of a way I would be convinced that the great flood of Noah was real, whether or not I chose to believe in it."

Me too.

But I was a catlic. We were taught that that the book of exodus is allegory. Still the church position as far as I know.

Evolution? No probs .After all, we have no way of knowing what god meant by 'a day' .Yeah, pretty weaselly and intellectually weak. Judaism has always taught a day in Genesis was just a normal day. But then, Judaism also teaches that the pharaoh of the Exodus was Ramses The Great.

If nothing else, the church has always been intellectually nimble. Or as I call it, morally and intellectually bankrupt.

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So, to sum up. Homer Simpson.

So, to sum up. Homer Simpson...doh...believes in supernaturalism/magic just because, and doesn't care much for reality. ROTFLMAO. I just love when people like this come on her arrogantly defining their way to irrationality, proudly. ROTFLMAO. Heres looking at you kid...Doh!

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I apologise for any arrogance

I apologise for any arrogance that I exhibit or is perceived. I try to avoid that trait, and I just want to share my views when asked. I saw a thread called "why I believe" and thought it was a place to share why I believe.

I see so many people trying to pound some sort of judgemental fundamental religious message to "the world". I see my country being overrun by a wave of people like this, using Religion to try and force their view on others.

I don't think that's a good thing, so I share my view to show not everyone who shows that "Delusion" of a creator feels that way.

So I'm fine with being mocked, it lets me know I'm being heard.

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I am not mocking, just

I am not mocking, just speaking truth. You fail at reason for believing in something that has zero objective evidence of existence in reality. You just think that is mocking because of your cognitive dissonance. LOL.

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Then substitute mocking for a

Then substitute mocking for a failure of my cognitive dissonance. As long as my thoughts are being heard and reflected, as nonsensical as my thoughts are to you. I see sites all over where fundamentalists express a message I can't stomach ascribed to believing in a creator God. So I share my view and I'm happy to hear it's in some brains amongst all the other views no matter how delusional they are considered and how picked apart my views are.

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LOL, I can barely remember

LOL, I can barely remember when I was a kid and believed in santa...but I am glad you are still living the dream...its entertaining.

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Example of objective evidence

Example of objective evidence... (see attached)

Reasons (hhahhaaaahahahaaa)

“The scale is wrong...”
“A 1200 cal/day diet is too much for me...”
“I’m bloated...”
“I’m trying...”


Attach Image/Video?: 

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I remember watching one of

I remember watching one of those programs and one of those unfortunate victims of super-obesity stated "my momma told me that if you take a diet cola with a hamburger, it cancels it out."

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David...mommas are never

David...mommas are never wrong. :)

BTW ...I’m a human. I smoke. Lol hahahahahaha

Gotta check my secret atheist book I was given when I converted to see if that’s OK (flipping through invisible pages)

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O-my god. I am shitting

O-my god. I am shitting regular again. My asshole has arrived!

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@Homer: I see my country

@Homer: I see my country being overrun by a wave of people like this, using Religion to try and force their view on others.

Every religion has this potential. Religions make us vulnerable because they appeal to our deepest fears and hopes. There will always be people ready to exploit that vulnerability for their own purposes. Napoleon said that religion was great stuff for keeping the common people quiet. But it's just as good for inflaming riots, triggering wars, justifying slavery, and generally oppressing people.

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I agree with you that God

I agree with you that God does exist and you will meet with Him if you really want too. And that first time He actually speaks to us is what gives the certainty. He sees in our soul and knows the right time in making contact. Before that He will not do so. As knowing there is a God will just upset human lives. So He just stay away from those that He will just upset.

So we just witness about ourselves and who and what we are. Others accept us or reject us. But we can never force. Because in the end everyone have to meet with God himself if they are prepared for that.

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You seem to love using argument from assertion fallacies. Can you demonstrate any objective evidence, or offer any compelling rational arguments for any deity or deities.

FYI you're preaching at us Johan, most of the atheists here including me, find this particularly irksome. This is an atheist debate forum, and whilst visiting theists are given a huge amount of latitude by the very patient moderators of the site, it is extremely disrespectful to abuse that patience by ignoring requests that you offer evidence or rational argument for your claims.

Endlessly asserted knowledge of a deity's existence, while offering an ever increasing number of unevidenced claims in response to requests for evidence has a shelf life.

If you have any interest in honest debate, and maybe learning from each other, then endless preaching and assertion are not the way to go about it.

FYI people who don't believe your deity is real, and believe a totally different deity exists make the same unevidenced claims for personal experience of their deity that you make for yours, what object difference can you demonstrate for your claim?

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Johan, you wrote, “He sees in

Johan, you wrote, “He sees in our soul and knows the right time in making contact. Before that He will not do so. As knowing there is a God will just upset human lives. So He just stay away from those that He will just upset.”

Does the god you worship send non-believers to his hell?

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He actually speaks to us is what gives the certainty.

Woah! God (apparently a he, which makes zero sense) actually talks to you? And you gain certainty from that conversation?

Woah what was that like? What does god look like? Or did he just give you a phone call?

He sees in our soul and knows the right time in making contact.

Oh I see, now you are changing the words again, now it is "contact" I suppose that means whatever is convenient to you... What happened to "actually speaks" you one sentence before?

As knowing there is a God will just upset human lives.

Knowing there is a god will upset human lives? How come? I think it would be really convenient to just about anyone to know there is a god if there was actually a god, instead of just keeping us guessing amongst ourselves without a shred of actual evidence to go on, only just lots of humans talking and writing stuff.

But we can never force.

I remain skeptical on "we" never forcing. I seen a lot of people try to force their own unevidenced god opinions on other. Especially throughout history. Quite often at the edge of a sword or gun or some other weapon. I never heard of a major religion/god idea that did not at one point at least force their unevidenced opinion on others. I see many do so today. Even subverting, or even creating laws enforced by the law to allow them to force their unevidenced opinions on others.


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