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...*looking around beach in

...*looking around beach in doubt*.... "Hmmm... Ya know, on second thought, maybe I could just leave them a pamphlet under this coconu-".... *THUNK*....

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"Hi, fellas! Wow, you guys

"Hi, fellas! Wow, you guys are hard to find! Listen, I've been paddling around in that damn canoe for the last eight hours, and I really have to take a shit. Would you mind pointing me to the nearest bathro-".... *THUNK!*....

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...*talking in a solemn

...*talking in a solemn whisper*... "wow. got amazingly quiet all of a sudden. so peaceful. must be god's way of letting me know he is with m-"... *THUNK!*....

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Stop persecuting me immedia-

Stop persecuting me immedia- *THUNK*

I can only imagine how they will spin this...

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I don’t think he deserved

I don’t think he deserved what is tantamount to the death penalty. I think his death is the tragic result of the deep religious indoctrination that is far too common and obviously far too effective. It actually makes me quite sad.

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The only thing I can hope for

The only thing I can hope for is just maybe, MAYBE, the religious will learn something from this. Especially that little part in my Fourth Commandment of Humanity...

You shall respect the right of ALL persons to believe whatsoever they wish to believe; even if contradictory to your beliefs. You may discuss beliefs; however, forcing your beliefs onto others is condemnable.

In my opinion, this incident is the perfect example of attempting to force his beliefs onto others.

Also reminds me of Richard Dawkins' quote from The God Delusion:

People of a Religious Absolutist bent are often chronically incapable of distinguishing what is true from what they wish to be true.

NOTE: All extra emphases are mine.


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Unfortunately, many

Unfortunately, many Christians seem to have learned the wrong lesson from all this: that India as a whole is conspiring against and "persecuting" them by trying desperately to convince that poor idiot to steer clear of the Sentinelese, with the "excuse" that there is a risk that he might cause them to catch Goat-knows-what diseases he might have been carrying... all this despite the fact that an Indian skeptic was recently forced to flee the country for daring to debunk a religious myth that water brought up into a Mumbai church was sewage instead of magical holy woo-woo water because it hurt the Christians' extremely fragile "religious sentiments".

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@Cyber Re: "I don’t think he

@Cyber Re: "I don’t think he deserved what is tantamount to the death penalty."

While I agree that the guy may not have "deserved" to die for what he did, the fact remains that he was stupid for doing what he did. And when people do stupid things, they have no right to complain when bad things happen as a result. Personally, I know I have done MANY monumentally stupid things during the course of my life. Granted, some of those stupid things were done as a matter of "necessity" in order to accomplish an important task the needed to be completed and no other options were available at the time. However (much to my chagrin), I freely admit a vast majority of the stupid stuff I did was strictly of my own foolish choice for the purpose of personal "entertainment" or as a means of trying to "impress" others. And I did those things despite various warnings from others at the time. Heck, in many cases, even my own brain was telling me, "Hey, dumb-ass! This is stupid! Don't do it!" Frankly, I should have died many times over with some of the ridiculous stunts I pulled over the years. But I was lucky, and often walked away without a scratch, or at the most with minimum to moderate damage. Be that as it may, if I HAD been killed while doing any of the stupid stuff I performed, then - as far as I am concerned - there would have been nothing "tragic" about it. I would have simply been another idiot who died while doing something he should not have been doing. Period. And I would have totally expected to get spoken of in exactly that fashion. If anything, my death in such circumstances could possibly even help save others. Why? Because people could point to me and tell their friends/family, "Hey, don't be like THAT idiot.".... *chuckle*.... Sure, learning from your own mistakes can be very beneficial. But I believe learning from the mistakes of others can be of equal or greater value. Therefore, I find it very difficult to feel bad or sad for the guy.

Let's consider another scenario, however. Let's say we have a guy who simply loves to explore and is basically a person who enjoys being out in nature and seeing new places. And this guy is on a canoeing expedition in the area of that tribe, but somehow has zero knowledge of their existence. And he would gladly avoid them had he been told/warned about them. So, with no knowledge of the tribe folks, the guy rows up to the beach and gets out of the canoe to look around a bit and maybe set up camp for the night. Innocent enough, right? Then, out of nowhere, without any warning, the guy is hit by multiple arrows and dies, because the tribesmen are simply defending their home, as is their right. Even though the guy was not there to do any harm, the tribesmen have no way of knowing that, so they are not at fault. And the guy is not at fault because he was not aware of the danger. Now, to me, THAT is what I consider "tragic". It was a simple case of misunderstanding resulting in the death of an innocent man, so - yes - that would be sad and unfortunate to me. At the most, the guy maybe should have researched a bit better before starting his trip, but - again - honest mistake. On the other hand, that Missionary guy was FULLY aware of the danger involved and had been warned multiple times to stay away from the area. Furthermore, it was even ILLEGAL for him to go there, yet he seemed to believe the law did not apply to him. And his full intentions for going there was to try to indoctrinate a small group of isolated people to believe the same things he believed. Bottom line: STUPID. And I dare say a considerable amount of arrogance and self-entitlement. Therefore, once again I find it incredibly difficult to feel sad or bad for the guy. Sure, I do agree it is sad (and disturbing) there is a system in our world that is so incredibly effective at brainwashing so many people to that extent. Nevertheless, at some point people (especially grown adults) have to accept the consequences for their own actions/choices. As far as I am concerned with the missionary dude, it was a "Mission accomplished" for Natural Selection.

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TM, I understand what you’re

TM, I understand what you’re saying. I dis/agree with parts of it. No matter the circumstances, a kid died and I just don’t think that’s funny. Some seem to think so, I simply felt the urge to throw in my two cents on the matter.

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@Cyber Re: "I dis/agree with

@Cyber Re: "I dis/agree with parts of it. No matter the circumstances, a kid died and I just don’t think that’s funny."

I do understand what you are saying, and I totally respect your feelings/views about it. In my book, it simply makes you a good person. Matter of fact, we could use a few more like you around... *grin*...

As for my own assessments, I will be the first to admit my attitude/opinions/views about death and such are not.... ummm... Well, let's just say they are not "typical". And, on top of that, my sense of humor knows very few (if any) boundaries. (Can't help it. Just the way I am programmed...*chuckle*...) Therefore, I am very much aware how my attitude about such things may sometimes seem unnecessarily "cold" or "calloused" to most decent folks. I have no problem with that, because that is what makes them decent people. I like decent people. We need more of them. And I do not deny that sometimes I am very much cold and calloused, depending on circumstances. In the end, though, I guess it is all just a matter of perspective.

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It's not the fact that he

It's not the fact that he died, it is the method he chose to die. I can't read through a book of Darwin Awards and feel sorry for the people who did the idiotic things that caused their deaths. My favorite story to this point was the idiot kid who went train licking. You find a moving train. You stick out your tongue and you move so close to the moving train that you can lick it. He was hit in the side of the head with the bar people grab onto while entering one of the cars. It may be sad for the family and for those who had a relationship with the kid. It's just plain stupid the way he chose to die. It is the behavior that is worthy of a Darwin Award and frankly..... funny as hell. When people do stupid things, the results are often funny as hell.

I'll agree with Tin-man. My ideas about death and dying are not mainstream. Everyone dies, it is a fact. I have worked in ambulances, emergency rooms, and in nursing homes. I can not count the number of people who have died in my arms or in my presence. Everything from gunshot wounds and stabbings to jumpers and farming equipment disasters. People like my selef who work in this sort of environment generally develop a darker sense of humor or they just don't last. In my mind I am separating the actions of the moronic zealot Christian. who was previously shot prior to his death and who had plenty of warning, from his actual demise. No one can stop another person from committing suicide if that person is really motivated to do it.

I saw a man who killed himself with a roll of toilet paper. All he did was wrap the toilet paper around his neck until he passed out. Tighter and tighter and tighter. Now that is a creative way to go. If you want to kill yourself, it beats traveling to an island of angry natives and getting speared to death. Roll of toilet paper 59 cents at the local market. Traveling to an island off of India, hiring a private fishing boat and purchasing coconuts $5000. Only one of them requires a Visa Card.

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@Cog I'm pretty sure that

@Cog I'm pretty sure that Chau is the winner of the 2018 Darwin Awards.

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I don't think "deserves" have

I don't think "deserves" have anything to do with it. There was nothing "Tragic" about his death. (He knew full well the risk.) It's a bit like the snake handlers who get bit. DUH! What did you think was going to happen.

I agree that there is a sad side to the story because of the religious indoctrination. But if you drink a bottle of bleach thinking god will change it into wine, the results are obvious to anyone with half a brain.

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Don't forget the native

Don't forget the native peoples had very bad interactions with strangers in the past.

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I wonder if his last thoughts

I wonder if his last thoughts were actually positive ones. I was indoctrinated to believe that martyrdom was the most honorable way to die, and that it said something profound about the love and commitment of the martyr. It's possible that he actually had thoughts of being grateful to God for the honor and of standing firm in his willingness to give his life for the cause. He was obviously intensely dedicated and willing to take a very clear risk.

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Stone Jade: In all honesty,

Stone Jade: In all honesty, I would not doubt that.

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@Stone Jade Re: "It's

@Stone Jade Re: "It's possible that he actually had thoughts of being grateful to God for the honor and of standing firm..."

Interestingly enough, I agree that could be entirely possible. Still doesn't make his decisions/actions any less stupid, though... *chuckle*...

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I wonder how far he got into

I wonder how far he got into his sermon before they unleashed the arrows?

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"Praise the" *THUNK*

"Praise the" *THUNK* "brothers and" *THUNK THUNK THUNK*

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He probably lectured the

He probably lectured the fisherman to the point at which he shot him with his own arrow. Seriously, people don’t need that shit to live happy lives. They are better off having never heard that crap. I wish I had never heard it myself.

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@Jack Same here. We atheists

@Jack Same here. We atheists can be just as happy, if not happier, with a more realistic view on life than a woo-woo superstitious one. Our morals come from humanity's inborn social and altruistic instincts, and we live for ourselves and for the sake of enjoying our short existence in whichever way we see fit, and give our lives their own meaning and purpose. Thus, we get to have all the benefits promised by religion without any religion at all, plus the ability to use critical thinking and the scientific method to make our decisions and to admit that we don't know the answers to certain questions, rather than just pretending to know by filling in the blanks with "Magic man must've done it". No flowery-sounding comfort zone needed. But again, I'd like to hear from the religious about how I am lost, broken, and can never find meaning or happiness no matter how hard I try because a millenia-old storybook written by goat-fucking desert lunatics says so, and how I am under the influence of an imaginary evil force because some lady was trolled into eating a magical apple by a talking snake. LMAO

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They probably killed him

They probably killed him after he told them about the forgiveness clause. They figured WTF!

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Maybe they thought, "Oh, then

Maybe they thought, "Oh, then perhaps if he really is merciful and all-loving, then he'll let us be without needing you to save us from His Love. Goodbye, white imperialist scum!"

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"I'm going to invite a few of

"I'm going to invite a few of the natives over to my house for a sleepover and build them a small hut by the front door. Won't the Mormons be surprised?

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"What if I'm wrong?"

"What if I'm wrong?"

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SK: Sorry, I don't think

SK: Sorry, I don't think that thought ever crossed his mind.

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I wonder why the guy went

I wonder why the guy went alone - Any of these nice people would have gladly piled into that canoe with him.

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@Cog I had to stop watching

@Cog I had to stop watching after about 20 seconds, because it gave me too many flashbacks of those cringy, ridiculously loud songs that I would have to sing at church every service back when I still believed that shit.

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Chau was sent to the Island

Chau was sent to the Island by a Church group called "All Nations." Just found this link. Now if we are going to hold someone responsible for brainwashing...... Hmmmmm?

Now we have a new question. How do you convince a thinking human being to visit a known death trap?

'To get good people to do stupid shit, you just need religion."

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Last thing going through his

Last thing going through his mind, before the spear?

"oh, shit..."


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